Logjam in Men’s A slo-pitch

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We are nearing the end of our shortened Tillsonburg Men’s Slo-pitch regular season. The start up has been very successful and a special thanks goes out to those who have umpired and to our umpire assigner Kurt Vaughan, our executive, and our president Chris Parker.

A Division

G.C. Lounsbury Dirty Mitts have won four straight and now all teams in the division are tied for first with 5-5 records.

Bob’s Sister 20, Haines Roofing 19

Bob’s: Steve Derks 3-4, Bryan Deblaire 4-4 HR, Josh Stubbs HR, Billy Wilson HR, Logan Kloet HR, Clayt Stubbs HR, Mike Supinski HR


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Haines: Andrew Burns 4-4, Travis Horvath 4-4 HR, Scott Mudford HR, Dave Phillips HR

Mitts 10, Platinum Concrete 5

Mitts: Travis Nikin 2-3, Stephen Deblaire 2-3, Thom Puhr HR

Platinum: Joe Thorburn 3-4, Darryl Vandendriessche 3-4

Mitts 19, Platinum 12

Mitts: Cory Smith 3-4, Greg Onaitis 2-3, Trevor Stuyt HR, Stephen Deblaire HR, Thom Puhr HR, Tim Townsend HR

Platinum: Trevor Oakes 4-4, Matt Heleniak 3-4, Kale Bilger HR

Bob’s 28, Haines 10

Bob’s: Bryan Deblaire 5-5 3HR, Steve Byron 4-4, Josh Stubbs HR, Billy Wilson HR, Logan Kloet HR, Jason Ashton HR

Haines: Kyle Smith 3-3, Travis Horvath 3-3, Dave Van Wyk HR, Dave Phillips HR, Tim Pressey HR

B Division

Ward’s clinched first after a close win over Team Awesome. Smitty’s won a pair to stay two games up on Awesome.

Smitty’s Electric 12, Chaos 10

Smitty’s: Brett Sinden 2-3, Derek Elliott 3-3, Jesse Legg HR

Chaos: Randy Miller 3-4, Chase Corbiel 3-4

Smitty’s 16, Awesome 13

Smitty’s: Mike Schmeltz 3-3, Justin Wood 4-4 HR

Awesome: Matt Davis 3-4, Martin Klassen 4-4 HR, Steve Voth 2HR, Jon Nunn HR

Ward’s 7, Awesome 5

Ward’s: Mike Mudford 2-2, Chad Ingels 2-3

Awesome: Martin Klassen 3-3 HR, Jordy Thompson 3-3

C Division

Sluggers won a pair including one over Trophy Property Expos to capture the season series. Expos walked it off against Pelicans and Pelicans mercied Norfolk Electric.

Sluggers 29, Norfolk 9

Sluggers: Cam Bueckert 5-5, Evan Bueckert 5-5 HR, Frank Harms HR

Norfolk: Keith McMerty 2-2


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Pelicans 26, Norfolk 9

Pelicans: Matt Summers 5-5, Ryan Verbuyst 4-4, Steve Leacock HR, Robert Verhoeve HR

Norfolk: Logan Korten 2-2, Phil Beauvais 3-3

Trophy 9, Pelicans 8

Trophy: Adam Devlin 3-3, Cam Cluett 3-3, Matt McQueen HR

Pelicans: Chris Parker 3-4, Steve Leacock HR, Robert Verhoeve HR

Sluggers 24, Expos 18

Sluggers: Pete Dyck 6-6 HR, Cam Bueckert 5-6, Frank Harms HR, Daniel Enns HR, David Berg HR, Willy Dyck HR

Expos: Spencer Meron 5-5, Jayme Wallace 4-5 HR, Greg Fleming

D Division 

John Beere and Jokers are battling it out for first at six wins apiece. John Beere has played one less game.

Bad News Bears 25, Jokers 22

Bears: Mike Evanitski 4-5, Darryl Beattie 5-5

Jokers: Brian Simmons 5-6, Scott Freeman 3-4, Chris White HR

John Beere 21, Jokers 17

John Beere: Shaun Elliott 5-5, Theo Karagis 5-5, Shawn Brooks HR

Jokers: Josh Vandemeer 4-5 HR, Brian Simmons 4-5 HR, Ryan Copping HR,

Jokers 16, Bears 8

Jokers: Brian Simmonds 4-5, Josh Vandemeer 3-4 HR, Russell Morgan HR, Chris White HR

Bears: Steve Vandergulik 2-2, Jordan White 4-4 HR, Andrew Cummings HR

Catlack Excavating 27, Bears 26

Catlack: Chris MacDonald 5-5, Chad Vigar 4-5

Bears: Ryder Terry 5-5, Michael White 5-5

Jokers 23, Inner Bay Renos 20

Jokers: Rob Stortz 4-4, Wes McDougall 4-4, Chris White HR

Inner: Josh Hollis 5-5, Jeff McKay 5-5

E Division

Inner Bay picked up their first victory of the season edging Brew Jays.

Inner 23, Brew Jays 22

Inner: Craig Boucher 4-4, Dan Isaac 3-4, Brad Wentzel 2HR, Chaz McMillen 2HR

Brew Jays: Mike Haegens 4-4, Josh Knoflack 4-5

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