Pastor’s actions show disrespect for God’s teachings

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Regarding Pastor Steve Richardson and the charges brought against him.


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His actions, comments and response speak volumes and shows a lack of accountability as a disciple of God and a person responsible for the guidance of his parishioners. He has encouraged others to break laws set by experts in the field of infectious disease.

His congregation looks to him for the right path, and these are the actions he has chosen to convey?

He has displayed total disregard and disrespect for God’s teachings, and the law. These laws were put in place to protect and prevent death in our community.

Southwestern Public Health placed restrictions and they became law. He chose to break those laws and encourage his congregation to do the same.

This is not God’s work.

And yes there is a very significant difference between whether or not we are required to wear masks and whether or not we’re allowed to gather for worship.

Firstly, it’s the law to wear a mask, to protect yourself and others, especially the vulnerable.

Secondly, the pastor was allowed to hold services and gather for worship, but with limited numbers. If he wanted to keep his commitment to God, and abide by our community laws, he had the option of holding numerous smaller services.

Worshiping God does not require that you to attend church.

He put every person who attended those services at risk, and every person they came in contact with following those services.

He has dishonored the Lord and the beliefs I personally hold.

It’s people like Pastor Richardson who have contributed to the increasing deaths and hospitalizations everywhere. Does he realize the impact of his actions?


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Remember the commandment, Thou shalt not kill? Indirectly or directly, it’s the same thing.

He cannot pick and chose which commandments he is willing to follow depending on the situation.

We wear helmets when riding a bike or driving a motorcycle. That’s a law.

We wear seat belts while in the car. That’s a law.

Assault is against the law.

So what makes what he has done any different?

They are simple laws designed to protect the individual. What Pastor Richardson has done is break a law meant to protect many.

There have been so many casualties of the pandemic, not just in lives lost, but also with countries all around the world becoming divided over race, skin colour, freedom, poverty and politics.

Don’t make religion the next pandemic casualty.

I am hoping the court judge he faces can look beyond his position of authority within the church and give him the punishment he truly deserves, because of his position of authority within the church.

Madison Levesque


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