Letters to the editor: September 18

Letters to the editor has one parent not surprised when a child because sick after after unknowingly eating a marijuana edible, another person praising the graduating classes of 2020 and a person saying handicap permits should be only given to those who need them

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Pot edibles danger bound to happen

As I read the article of the Woodstock child sickened after eating pot-laced treat, I saw my fear of this happening come true.

When I first heard about edible cannabis products a couple of years ago, my first thought was of children and their safety. It was bound to happen.

I remember my daughter eating half a jar of Flintstones vitamins because they looked fun and tasted good. I had them kept in an upper cabinet, but she got them anyway. Although she was OK, I felt terrible.

I can’t imagine how bad a parent would feel watching their child lying in a hospital bed after ingesting cannabis edibles. What kind of work is being done by government and law enforcement to try to prevent these issues?

Marilyn McKenzie


Class of 2020 praised

It has been my pleasure working with the 2020 Tillsonburg prom committee. But because of the coronavirus shutdowns, the 2020 prom was cancelled.


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There won’t be a day for you to zip up your prom dress or adjust your tie, which is absolutely heartbreaking and scary for most. It seems unfair, and it truly is. But please know this – just because you were robbed of your opportunity to dance at prom does not make you less.

It absolutely does not mean you are any less of a student or graduate.

It does not mean you didn’t work incredibly hard.

It does not take away from those endless nights of studying or editing papers.

It’s hard to go through something so big in your life and not have the proper recognition for it.

It’s scary to be the first, and maybe only, graduating class that has to go through this unique situation.

Here’s your recognition, while not sufficient, please know that we recognize you and applaud you.

We see the hard work you’ve gone through and the time you’ve put in. We see the hurt you have for not being able to enjoy your prom.

But you pushed through the hard times and made it here today.

We are proud to call you our future.

Congratulations graduating class of 2020, and I wish you all the best!

Norma Turner


Handicap parking should only be used by those who need it

The letter to the editor on Aug. 27, “Do not criticize people who use handicap parking spots until you know all the facts,” piqued my interest.

In my opinion, someone who has a bad ankle is not a person who should have a handicap sticker.

If you look at the sticker, you will see a wheelchair. This sticker is prescribed far too often and for that reason they should not have this sticker. I feel many times the doctor provides these so they do not have to listen to a patient’s complaints.


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I was in the Walmart parking lot on Aug. 25 and saw a man and a woman park in one of the handicap spots. They were driving a heavy duty pickup truck that was rather high off the ground. The man and the woman exited the truck with no issues and proceeded to walk into the store at a rather brisk pace with no visible impairment.

These stickers are handed out as if they were free samples at a Costco.

No one gives it a second thought when you see someone using a wheelchair, but yes, people will and should shake their heads when they see such abuse of a well-intended concept for the truly handicapped.

Roger Masson



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