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Help sought

Dear Brantford, help!

I have health issues, including arthritis, depression and anxiety. I had a heart attack five years ago.

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Brantford right now is about $1,000. We receive about $1,100 a month. Do you see the problem?

I realize it’s not up to Brantford to raise Ontario Disability Support Program payments, but housing in this city is ridiculous. Rent is sky high.

I’m 55, and I have to wait seven to 11 years for an apartment with reasonable rent. I cannot wait that long. I’ll be dead by then.

I fear that, eventually, I’ll be living in the tent cities.

I can walk to the food bank but I can’t carry much. So, during this pandemic, I’ve had little food and have lost weight.

I’ve been alone for months. I’m suffering. I’m drowning. I’m overwhelmed. I need help.

Kim Harris

Failing grade for Canada’s handling of COVID-19

According to Worldometer, Canada is the world’s 39th most populous country. It should follow, ceteris paribus, that Canada rank similarly in its COVID-19 statistics. As of Sept. 16, however, Canada ranked 26th out of 214 jurisdictions in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases — 139,747, and 20th in the total number of deaths — 9,193. By comparison, Poland, whose population is virtually identical to Canada’s, has had only 75,734 cases and 2,237 deaths. Since I’m ethnically Polish, that’s as good a benchmark as any of Canada’s failed COVID-19 response.


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On a per capita basis, the worst infected jurisdiction is Qatar, with 46,493 cases per million (4.6 per cent) or one COVID-19 infection for every 21.5 inhabitants. Sounds awful, but the number of fatalities associated with this high penetration rate is only 208, or an infection fatality rate of 0.17 per cent. The United States, the only country Canadians like to benchmark against in order to feel smug, ranks 11th on this list of most infected countries — 20,878 cases per million (2.09 per cent) or one infection for every 47.9 inhabitants. American COVID-19 deaths were 201,348 as of Sept. 16, the highest of any single country, but representing a relatively low infection fatality rate of 2.95 per cent, only the 66th worst in the world, and lower than in many European Union countries, especially Italy (12.17 per cent), the U.K. (11.02 per cent) and Belgium (10.35 per cent).

At “only” 3,696 official cases per million (0.37 per cent), or one infection for every 270.5 inhabitants, Canada ranks a dismal 128th in terms of having limited the spread of COVID-19, despite our draconian economy-destroying lockdown measures. As for our vaunted health-care system, 9,193 deaths represents an infection fatality rate of 6.58 per cent, which is the 15th worst in the world, and over double that of the United States.

By any objective measure, Canada’s COVID-19 containment efforts to date deserve a failing grade.

Edward Ozog


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Student behaviour worrisome

I’m very worried as I see the high school students walk to and from school. They are in huge groups , are not social distancing or wearing masks.

As well the parties on our post-secondary campuses are reckless. Some of these students may be our future leaders and yet are oblivious to the pandemic.

I remember being young and feeling omnipotent, but we must encourage these groups to understand the severity of their actions. If not, our second wave of COVID-19 will be here much quicker than we want.

Marianne Helgers

Paying for it

Re: “Who’ll pay for Liberal Utopia?” (Editorial, Sept. 15)

The Liberal government has already spent our tax dollars for years to come so our children and our grandchildren will pay for PM Trudeau’s socialist dystopia. It will be hard without the oil and gas sector to bolster the economy.

David Montgomery
Cambridge, Ont.

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