LETTER: Rolph Street Public School faithfully repurposed

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It was history, figuratively, and could have become history, literally, if the developer hadn’t respected it and restored it.

Rolph Street School was built in 1912 (in Tillsonburg), and closed more than a century later in 2015.

Andrew Teeple and Athon Construction did a wonderful job repurposing the surplus school into a multi-storey apartment in a beautiful location, maintaining the outer façade and many interior features.

As with so many other historical buildings in town, it would have become just a distant memory for some, and unknown to others.

Instead, Mr. Teeple and his team have commendably repurposed an historical building that had molded many generations of children, and renewing it for generations of adults.

This is a building once attended by thousands of Tillsonburg children, some of whom are shown in the accompanying photo.

Thanks to Mr. Teeple and Athon Construction, the memory of all those students (including my two boys) will live on in the hallways of this lovingly restored heritage building.

Matthew Scholtz




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