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My visit to Bluewater Health ER was on Oct. 20. I had been sick for a few days, suffering from severe nausea and low abdominal pain.


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The pain was so severe that I called an ambulance, as I couldn’t drive myself.

Once we arrived, I was taken by wheelchair to triage, as it was too painful to walk. The paramedic registered me. I waited 2.5 hours before my name was called and was then brought to the green zone.

It took the physician one hour to see me. He asked about my symptoms, and I told him I was very nauseated and had severe abdominal pain. I asked him if I could have something for pain. He told me I was not in enough pain to warrant any medication, with the exception of 1000 milligrams of Tylenol. I’m 55, and how would he know my pain tolerance?

A nurse gave me an acid reducer and Tylenol 1000mg. I asked if I could have a bit of water and was told no. I had been there for at least three hours and asked the nurse for a pillow. He told me a very cold no without explanation.

A technician came to take blood for examination. When she came in, I was crying from the pain and what the nurse had told me. Once the technician was done with blood withdrawal, she brought two blankets to make a pillow so I could somewhat lay down to ease the pain.

Next, I was brought to the ultrasound department and back down to the green zone. Upon arriving to the unit, my bed was taken, so I needed to sit in a recliner. No one came to check on me until the physician returned with my results. He said the ultrasound was fine, but my liver function test was abnormal, but didn’t know why I was nauseated and in so much pain. He told me to only return if I had a fever or vomiting.

As a former nurse of 20 years, I could never ever imagine treating a patient this way.

My ordeal ended nine hours later when I walked out very nauseous, in extreme pain and weak.

I’m diabetic, something that was on my chart, but not even a glass of water was offered to me. It’s been four days since I went to the ER and my symptoms remain the same.

I believe if you are going to work in the field of health care, you should have more respect and compassion.

I hope no one has to go through what I went through that day and night.

Charlotte Alexander


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