The importance of pivotal thinking

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My friend and I were discussing how this year has been a constant pivot. We were reminiscing and laughing at the comparison of 2020 being like that Friend’s episode with the couch in the stairwell.

If you are unfamiliar, the scene from the popular television show Friends had the characters trying to move a couch around the corner in a tiny New York City stairwell. The characters had to move it an inch and then the character Ross would yell, “pivot,” making it a funny catchphrase.

Well, that is 2020 – move an inch and pivot.

Critical thinking is about getting beyond the obvious, adopting a probing, challenging and investigative stance, not taking the information provided at face value but looking at both the evidence and our thought processes objectively.

“When we catch ourselves in the muck of low vibrational thoughts and feelings, we can stop and pivot. We can acknowledge that this feeling is showing us something that is out of alignment with our true self and then from that place, we reach to how we want to feel and what it is we need to do to get there. And in a quick moment, we stop negative attraction and shift into the higher or positive thought-feelings we desire.” – 28 Day Mindfulness Journal by Kelly Spencer.


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The more we practice (and then practice some more and more), the faster we can shift for a more positive or higher vibration thought and associated feeling.

Mindfulness teaches us non-judgmental acceptance of what is, as it is… not how we want it to be, but as it is. Therefore, when there have been and continue to be so many challenges we face in this wild ride of 2020, acceptance of duality and contrast is essential. When we can understand that having growth mindset and knowing that we can get through hard times and understanding that the duality hard times and our ability to pivot, refocus and shift can coexist, it changes the game of life.

In Matthew McConaughey’s new book, Greenlights, he says, “I believe everything we do in life is part of a plan. Sometimes the plan goes as intended, and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s part of the plan… It’s a matter of how we see the challenge in front of us and we engage with it. Persist, pivot or concede. Its up to us, our choice, every time.”

So as this year closes, as we turn the corner towards a new one, remember that you get to choose how you think and feel with the varied realities that we are facing now and going forward, pivoting inch by inch, and moment by moment.

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