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Well, we made it.

If you are reading this, that means you worked through the challenges of 2020 and have arrived in a brand-new year.

But did anything change?

The heated politics, the vile virus and we arrived just as we are, here in the first month of a new year.

Most folks typical like to set (or at least talk about setting) New Year’s resolutions. But implying that something needs resolve, implies that we need to find solutions or fix the problems about ourselves.

You are not a problem. You don’t need to fix yourself.

Ideally, the best solution finding change happens from a place of good energy, mindful intentions and accepting this moment for all that it brings, while moving in the direction of where we want to go.

The way you showed up in your life, the challenges you faced or moved through brought you growth, courage and strength. Let’s take a moment to celebrate that!

Then we can reflect and we learn. We make a call within ourselves by asking ourselves, what do we want more of in our life? Not what is wrong and needs to be fixed. But we find greater results and feel better by focusing on the positive intentions that are brewing within us and inspiring shifts we wish to make.


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We then align with magical manifestation, we align with trust in that process, and we hold space for the goodness of our intentions. We ground ourselves through meditation, deep breathing, walking in the woods, whatever makes you feel more inspired and centred and with love for ourselves. Knowing we deserve that which we desire, we then take a step towards our intention. We don’t have to achieve end goal. Although it is nice to have an idea of the big desire, making small steps and goals can make it feel more achievable and less overwhelming.

In my book, Destiny, Life & Self-Leadership, I talk about the three A’s of achieving – attitude, alignment and action.

One of my first yoga teachers shared a yogic principle of the three A’s and through the years I have interpreted the base of this philosophy and its core values, both on my yoga mat but more so off the mat and in my life.

When I have a goal to understand the base understanding of my vision, and to gain clarity of my core desire and the acts of implementation required, I will write out the three A’s and jot down ideas and thoughts pertaining to each of the three areas.

The first step of these A’s is attitude. This is our desire, our goal and what it is we want. Positive intention is vital. We don’t’ want to focus on what we don’t want, but rather what we do want. Attitude is everything.

We must ask ourselves some key questions pertaining to our goals and desires. What is it that you really want and why? What and who will benefit from this actualizing? How badly do I want this to manifest?

To get aligned with my vision again, I meditate and imagine it as I wish it to be. It is from the heart-centred aligned place my inner spirit speaks loudest and clearest to me.

The third A is “Action,” the use of the body and the mind to implement the attitude and alignment from a place of clear intention with an open heart and applying the knowledge that we have gained.

What we focus on expands, therefore it is compelling to be mindful of what it is that the core of your being desires and what visions and thoughts you are giving your attention to.

Best wishes for 2021.


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