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I want to welcome all the readers of this reincarnation and co-mingling of our various community newspapers. Hope you find it informative and entertaining.

I have more new words to share from CNN and my sister Lauret, who obviously watches more CNN than I do. Try to work them into your conversations. I also learned something new when I went for a haircut.

Prevaricate: speak or act in an evasive way; to deviate from the truth.

Polemic: a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something; an aggressive attack or refutation of the opinions or principles of another.

Bathetic: overly sentimental or insincere; effusively or insincerely emotional.

Considering the hearings going on right now those could apply to many things we are hearing from government types on both sides of the border. It is hard to know who to believe. I do have faith the truth will eventually come out regardless of political stripe, religion, gender, ethnicity or anything else. I like to remain optimistic but I do realize there are many folks who definitely take sides based on politics, rights and beliefs even to the extent of disputing facts. Are we so limited, we take no responsibility for ourselves, continuing to use “them” or “Him” as our excuse? But that’s another story for another day.


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Anosmia: impairment or loss, temporarily or permanently, of the sense of smell.

I finally felt confident enough to get my haircut and none too soon let me tell you. It was getting a bit witchy. Appointment, masks, distancing, limited clients and stations, and complete sterilization of everything were seriously adhered to.

I know it’s only hair and mine grows rather quickly so there are only three instructions I give the stylist. 1) Do something funky. 2) Don’t make me look like an old lady. 3) Don’t wash off the eyebrows.

Pretty simple, eh?

As everyone knows what you look like when you leave the salon can never be replicated at home. That’s a fact. I wish I could wear one of those cute brush cut styles some women sport but I do not wear it well, needing a bit more pouf. Some of us need a cut and style we can maintain on our own, sort of.

Most hairdressers are not willing to do anything too funky, likely thinking I don’t know what I am talking about or I don’t really mean it so they are afraid to get too creative. I do appreciate their caution but… Francine had no such reservations and gave me a disconnected undercut.

Now here are some non-media words I learned because of Francine’s bravery.

Undercut: a haircut where the transition from longer on top to very short on bottom is blended.

Disconnected undercut: the transit from longer crown to short sides is noticeable and emphasized, purposefully not blended.

It looked modern and cute when I walked out the door. She said to hang my head down to dry and then just fluff with fingers and a light spray. You know that did not work. With a lot of finger fluffing, goop, and a heavy spray I can get it to look OK. Not near so cute, but kinda funky.

Please note in honour of the new paper, I have a new email address.

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