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Knowledge is one thing; retaining it is quite something else.

I think we should all learn something new every day. It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering revelation or even something that will improve your life. Learning something new keeps our minds active and gives us a better ability to absorb information and maybe even store it.

Storing anything in my head is becoming more difficult. Much of what I can pull to the surface has no significance whatsoever. Many years ago I heard that scallops have 40 eyes and they are all blue. Might have learned that from a game of Trivial Pursuit but for whatever reason that tidbit has found a home in my mind and I call it up whenever possible. Seems I am the only person who knows this fact.

It is even more difficult to relearn things. I am very comfortable with inches, pounds, miles and Fahrenheit. I know it’s been a long time now that we were inflicted with the centigrade and metric systems of measuring everything, but I still have a hard time trying to understand, what I call, the “new” system.


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We changed from Imperial to Metric in 1971 and in 1975 we went from Fahrenheit to Centigrade. I know that because I looked it up. I wasn’t that old back then but it’s just something I have not been able to get my brain around. I have been known on many occasions to say, “Tell me in real temperature (or distance or length or weight).” Numbers are not my thing so conversion is way beyond me.

When these changes were made many people, like my parents, who came here from Belgium, were delighted because they were going back to what they knew best but for me it was a change in thinking, which I openly admit I have not yet accomplished. I tried to adjust and adapt but have never actually learned the centigrade or metric systems.

These days you don’t have to store much in your head. All you have to do is connect with Google and you can get any information on any topic you want. I do it all the time. I call it research.

While watching TV a commercial came on about the small chicken pieces sold at a famous fast food place. Each time I saw the commercial, I was fascinated they actually had specific shapes and named them. I always thought they were just random forms. I couldn’t make out all the names in the commercial so I went on Google and found out the shape names are bell, bone or bowtie, boot and ball.

The shapes are cut out with a specialized rolling cutter and each weighs the same and has the same width so they all cook equally. The different shapes are designed to make it more fun for kids. After they are cut out they are breaded, partially cooked then frozen.

Did you need to know that? Ranks right up there with scallops, huh? You have to admit it’s interesting that someone thought this through to this conclusion devising a plan to make eating chicken chunks more fun for kids.



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