How do you get back on track when derailed?

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Let’s call it as it is. 2020 has been a train wreck by most standards. A pandemic, an economic crisis, racial unrest and division, and the subsequent effects it has on us all – financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

The obstacles of this derailment are not ordinary. Our vulnerabilities and fragilities are dangling in the wind like an exposed nerve ending. We have been given no other option but to slow down and be alone with our thoughts, feelings, flaws, strengths and truths and untruths. The forced opportunity for personal growth may have even disclosed some unresolved past experiences or awareness.

Most of us have such a busy life and now we’ve added more stresses of unpredictability, fear, restrictions to follow and so on.

‘Getting derailed’, like a train, can lose your momentum and have to start over to get things moving in the right direction again.

Most of us are resilient creatures. We can adapt (each of us at our own pace) and accommodate (at different levels) to the derailments in our lives.


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So how do we get on back on the tracks?

There are two main types of personal derailments. One is derailment from life’s happenings such as pandemic, and the second kind of derailment occurs when you feel stuck.

Here are some of my tips for moving from derailment to back on track.

Confront your thoughts and face your fears. Do you derail yourself with negative thoughts? Instead, try to stay focused on your solution-finding thoughts and visualize achieving your goals.

Know your ‘stuck-ness.’ If you have been running in circles off the tracks stuck in this motion, perhaps reach out to a professional therapist or life coach.

Revisit your priorities. In order to make sure you stay on track towards goal-attainment, you have to verify that your goals align with your overall vision. Life changes and so do our priorities.

One goal at a time. Simplify the confusion of too much information. Narrow your focus and improve your chances of success by working towards one major goal at a time. Then, break this goal down into smaller, more manageable segments that you can steadily work towards.

Track your progress. Attainable goals all have one thing in common: they are measurable. How do you know when your goal is achieved? Keep track.

Be mindful, be intentional to your actions, stay present. Distraction takes you out of the present. Meditation is a systematic way to cultivate the awareness that helps you stay present and increases focus and clarity.

What you think becomes your feelings and actions. So remember the little engine that could… “I think I can.”

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