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For many years I would be out in the greenhouse pulling plants in the morning and planting in the afternoon.

Wasn’t that long ago really, when working in tobacco was a way of life for many of us. We started when very young compared to when many kids today get to begin their work experience. We didn’t know there was such a thing as a “comfort zone” and didn’t question the directions. Some might call it child abuse these days but I don’t think it hurt us one bit.

I think as time passed some folks just wanted to make life easier for their kids and that came from the heart. They wanted to give them what they thought was going to be a better life than they had. I am sure it did make life easier for their offspring but maybe some kids missed out on a lot of life lessons that would stand them in good stead later in life.

No, I am not going off on another nostalgic tangent. Well, maybe a little. I have noticed, and I am sure many of you have as well, how far out of our comfort zone we have been forced during this pandemic. What we considered normal for years is no longer available to us. We have been forced to seek new ways of doing things from working at home to what we put on our tables. In the process, we have learned a lot about ourselves.


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Since venturing into an alternate shopping realm I have found new suppliers, new products and tried things I would not have even looked at before. I have been jolted out of thinking “I always shopped, ate, bought, used…” and moved to investigate other options for many things including food. Some have proved successful, some not so much.

Not to worry, it’s all locally grown and produced. I would never turn my back on the businesses and stores who have always done right by me; I have just made a few adjustments. After a year and a half of self-isolation, I am not about to get careless now.

Found some butter tarts that are to die for so decided to put them in the freezer to avoid eating them too quickly. I discovered I really like frozen butter tarts.

You always have to drain the pan after frying up bacon, right? Like most of us, I have a bacon grease cup in the fridge.  I use it on an assortment of vegetables and to fry eggs and potatoes. It also adds a nice flavour to homemade biscuits and when frying pancakes or French toast.

The other day I opened up a package of bacon from a new company and, when putting it in the fry pan, was surprised how lean it was. Instead of draining the grease before adding the pierogis, I had to add bacon grease from my trusty cup. When was the last time you had to do that?

It’s amazing what you can find and learn just by expanding your horizons beyond your “I always…”

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