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I have said it before but it’s worth revisiting in these days of stress, tension and agitation.

What we do doesn’t have to be monumental, awe-inspiring or even noteworthy. But each of us in our own way can make our world a happier place.

I am encouraged by the numbers reports from our health units regarding the reduction of COVID-19 cases in our area. That’s a really good thing. I just hope we don’t get complacent, too confident or so proud of ourselves that we forget to continue doing what got us here in the first place.

I don’t have to share any information regarding COVID-19 because there is definitely enough being distributed by scientific and medical experts and those who think they are experts. Can’t help you there, but what I can do is wear a mask and stay home.

Neither the prime minister, premier nor even the mayor have called to ask for my opinion on policy, strategy or course of action, therefore I have very little influence on what they do. I expect most of you are in pretty much the same boat. There are plenty of smarter people than me willing to lament and explain how things should be done.


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I don’t have enough money to have much of an impact on our economy but I can shop local/Canadian made, live within my means and pay my bills.

The environment, climate change, farming practices, labour woes, industry/manufacturing concerns, the state of our medical system, etc. are all worthy and well-known concerns but my ability to do much about any of them on any significant scale is non-existent. What I can do is turn off lights, conserve water, compost and recycle, stay healthy and donate when I can to help those who need it. There are more brilliant minds than mine who will explain what we should do.

I don’t do doom and gloom well. Accusing others for all your misfortune and misery is taking the easy way out. I like to think most of us are better than those who dwell in fault finding, blame, criticism, excuses, recriminations even though those are the voices most often heard.

I think what can be of some benefit is to offer a different perspective or point of view, maybe provide some amusement and share personal experiences and observations into what all of us are most affected by – the relevant, everyday business of life. What I have to say may seem useless to some but to others can be of some value if for nothing more than a few moving boxes, a giggle, a bit of optimism and a few new words.

Puerile: childishly silly and trivial; juvenile

Gazumped: raising the agreed to price of a property after accepting a lower offer from the same buyer.

Gunged: clogged or obstructed.

Crepuscular: of, resembling or relating to twilight; of an animal appearing or active in twilight; occurring or active during twilight.

Emalgator: emulsifying agent; emulsifier; whipper.

Spurtle: a wooden Scottish kitchen tool used to stir porridge, soups, stews, broth.

Tittle: the dot above an i or j.

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