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DeJONGHE: Doing something with my hair

Well, Santa didn’t bring me a new van, didn’t win the lottery, no Christmas turkey and dressing, and not much hugging and kissing on New Year’s Eve. The season was very different but pretty darn good.

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Since I am following the rules I have to find new, fun ways to get through isolation. Every morning I have to check the calendar so I know what day it is but I think that is a common theme for many. Besides puttering, I like to accomplish at least one thing each day. Some days the big achievement is putting clothes on or doing something with my hair. You know it’s bad when housework and shovelling snow become recreational activities.


Like many of you I have not gone to the salon lately and am a bit frazzled with my hair. It’s too short to put in a ponytail but too long to do anything with. It also has a mind of its own, so depending on what mood it is in on any given day, I can sport Hermie the Misfit Elf’s swoop and flip, Keith Urban’s grunge look, Boris Johnson’s tousled coif or Andy Warhol’s slightly frenzied style.

I have even, after taking a curling iron to it, exhibited a Dolly Parton – the early years (just the hair).

I have even a time or two resorted to putting it up in rollers but you don’t want to know what look that created. I’m either trying to fluff it up or tame down, all to no avail. So glad I am masked when I go out so hopefully no one recognizes me.

Had some trouble with plugged ears a while back so I started a self-help regimen. After several weeks of oil and peroxide, I tried flushing, which I quickly learned was better done in the shower. Nothing helped so I had to resort to a visit to the doctor’s office, dripping in disinfectant and well masked, to get professional help.

I must apologize to all my neighbours and thank them for not calling the by-law officer on me for excessive noise. When I got home and turned on the TV, I was stunned. I checked and the volume was set at 100. To give you an idea of how loud that is, the TV is now at 12. Had no idea I was that plugged.

Do you think it might have been an accumulation of all the goop and spray used to fluff or tame this mane?

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