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The weather the past few weeks has been perfect for taking care of fall clean-up projects so have not been watching much TV news.

Actually, for the most part, I stopped watching before the American election. It all just got way too crazy, even for me. I didn’t watch at all the day of, or the day after, the election but did check in later to see who won. It took a week or so to finally get an answer. Although it is still being contested I think everyone knew early on who will be the next POTUS, even if some are not yet ready to make the mental adjustment. In the words of that famous, self-proclaimed saviour of the nation, “It is what it is!” even if he won’t acknowledge it.

So, I have busied myself cleaning up the yard. Larry put leaf thingys in my eaves troughs so I don’t have to crawl around on the roof digging the muck out by hand. It’s just a quick swipe occasionally to keep a few stragglers moving. Have all the perennials cut down that do not have an abundance of seeds. I like to leave those for the birds, come the snow. I had five scrub or dying trees cut down in the back yard so there are only a few scattered leaves out there but the front yard is another story.


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I like to mulch the leaves with the lawn mower and do that every few days until the big drop. This year the big drop never happened so have been able to mulch most of them. I do rake and pile the leaves from the flowerbeds and driveway so I get my upper body exercise. I think one more run over with the lawn mower should do it. We are not allowed to rake to the street for pick up like some lucky folks. We have to truckloads to the county yard. Most abide by the rules.

Even though I haven’t been watching and I admit to being a bit partial to Chris and Wolf, I do have a few new words I gleaned during the political circus down south.

Loquacious: tending to talk a great deal. (It’s not really an unknown word but it rolls nicely off the tongue, sounds like a species from Star Trek and it’s a descriptive word some might think applies to me.)

Effluvium: a harmful or unpleasant odour, secretion or discharge.

Perfidy: deceitfulness; untrustworthiness.

And my favourite – Trumpery: attractive articles of little value; showy but worthless.

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