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Being the week of International Woman’s Day (March 8), I will honour my newest friend and very talented woman, Janet Fugard, my homeopathic practitioner.

But first, let me say I love my doctor. He listens to me and does all he can to help. I love the medical profession, as I was in nursing until I had to give it up decades ago due to health problems. When young I had foot and knee problems and multiple surgeries to correct them. Then came Temporomandibular joint syndrome, fibromyalgia, degenerative discs, arthritis and an assortment of other syndromes and problems which get lumped under the aforementioned list.

Mom, who kept my father going with vitamins, exercises, diet etc., taught me to keep my body as healthy as possible as a foundation to fight any ailment that would come.

Because the medical doctors, specialists, surgeons, and other practices are covered by OHIP, most choose them first and they are super for many situations, but not all, like my chronic problems.


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That is when I head to more holistic, traditional medical practices which deal with your whole body, physically, emotionally and mentally as each affects the other. I have had success with most I have tried over the decades and would recommend any as every person is so different. You must find what works.

Fibromyalgia gives you brain fog and last year I had a peasouper! A friend recommended Janet, who had helped her after an accident, especially with brain fog. Off I went with my six-page medical history to give homeopathy a try. Janet wanted to know everything past and present which had contributed to the mess I was in and then taught me about homeopathic ways and remedies. This initial visit was quite long, very thorough and it all made perfect sense. No hocus pocus!

Homeopathy is not naturopathy or herbal medicine. It is a unique system of medicine based on the principle that a disease with a given set of symptoms can be cured by a medicine (remedy) known to produce a similar set of symptoms in healthy individuals, which then stimulates the body to heal itself. It has been around over 200 years, is the second most widely use medical therapy in the world, and is regulated and approved by Health Canada.

It can be used for many acute conditions like allergies, gout, gall bladder cough, colds and various infections, as well as a major list covering chronic conditions.

The remedies are safe for any age, including pregnant women. They are natural substances (plant, mineral, animal) and easy to take.


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Decades ago a doctor told me my whole body was inflamed and put me on Motrin, which is hard on your body. Lately I had the same problem, but the homeopathic remedy doesn’t harm your liver or kidneys. You can’t overdose or get high on it, there is no upset stomach, and it worked!

I started in September and every month or so we work on another area that needs fixing. I feel better now than I have in years with much less brain fog, pain, confusion, memory and more!

It is not covered by OHIP. Janet used to work from Indigo Lounge in Tillsonburg until she moved and now works from her home in St. Thomas. You can give her a call at 519-637-3059 and get your questions answered, or myself at 519-842-9416 or check out Homeopathic Practitioners online.

Janet is a friendly, happy and comfortable person to be with, who really listens and cares and I would like to add her to the long list of women that have trained and given their lives to improving our lives. Her smile, laughter and remedies have made my life so much better.

A special thank you to Janet on the week of International Women’s Day.

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