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Are you ready?

Time is running out but you might still be able to get that last minute gift.

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I am ready. Have delivered Morgan’s Christmas parcels, while he stood on the step, me on the sidewalk, exchanging air hugs, throwing kisses and welling up while vowing, when this is all over, we will spend more time together.


Christmas cards have been mailed. I have had lengthy phone conversations with people special in my life. The larder is well stocked with the food and drink I love. I have even dug out my “Baby It’s Cold Outside” sweatshirt for morning. Milk and cookies are set out near my little tree and carrots on the deck. It’s Christmas Eve and we will be settling in to watch Christmas Eve Mass on TV, sing and pray for all of us.

Christmas means many different things. It is about believing in your version of God, in the goodness of humanity and most importantly in yourself.

It’s about joy. The joy you feel when those you love are near. The joy you give to others.

Christmas means being grateful to be where you are and what you have, while still affirming your desire and willingness to be better.

It means forgiveness. All of us need to forgive ourselves for all the wrongs we have done, make amends when we can, require better of ourselves and work really hard to never do them again. We also need to forgive those who have done us wrong. That can be a tough one but we need to unburden ourselves of the negative effects of anger and hate so we can take back control of our own lives.

Christmas is respect. Value yourself.  Eliminate the confrontations and arguments by being considerate and understanding of the feelings and beliefs of others.

Christmas means love. We offer our love, without restriction or expectation, to family and friends. We show our capacity for love by what we do for those less fortunate.

Christmas means hope, dreams, kindness, patience, understanding…

Christmas is faith. God came into this world in order to give us the opportunities and abilities to be all we aspire to be, who He knows we can be. He gives us everything we need to live a life of hope, love, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and so much more.

Merry Christmas everyone. May it bring you peace.

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