Tillsonburg will consider tree canopy preservation options

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A proposal to investigate ways to encourage the preservation of Tillsonburg’s tree canopy met with approval at town council on Oct. 13.

Coun. Deb Gilvesy made a resolution to have staff bring a report to council with preservation options as the town’s development footprint continues to grow.

“When driving around old Annandale or Trottier (residential developments), there’s a lot of beautiful large trees,” said Gilvesy. “And as we drive around new subdivisions, the lots are a lot smaller and there are no trees. We are not promoting or requiring a tree canopy … and as the Earth heats up, we should be looking at promoting some sort of tree-per-lot.

“As we’re covering farmland and we’re paving over and putting sidewalks in and building houses, we are losing land that produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.”

Coun. Chrissy Rosehart asked if the tree canopy proposal would mean preserving trees on Broadway.


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“I was the one who didn’t want the trees cut when we were doing the Demeyere (Avenue) one, so I’m hoping we’re going to keep the canopy on Broadway. Not just the new, but the old as well.”

“It does say preservation, so that (Broadway) would be included as well,” Gilvesy noted.

“Staff is being directed a report back to council,” said Tillsonburg Mayor Stephen Molnar, asking Gilvesy when she anticipated it would come to Council.

“I’m actually excited about this type of report, but very concerned about the relative timing – we’re moving toward the end of October and our 2021 business plan’s in front of us and people (staff) have a lot of work to do before the end of 2020…”

Gilvesy, anticipating staff would be busy preparing budget work, said the tree canopy proposal was not urgent.

“It’s when staff can get to it,” said Gilvesy.

The resolution carried by unanimous vote.


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