The Fishnettes taking the Lighthouse stage for Valentine's Day

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The Fishnettes are hoping to make Valentine’s Day “suck less.”

Five women that came together through local theatre formed the group The Fishnettes in 2018.

Ange Hare, Carmen Davis, Darleen Degrieck, Charly Buck and Julie MacLeod each bring separate experiences together to create one common goal, which is putting on a show.

Stuff My Mailbox Valentine is a variety show featuring the group and a collection of their friends. The group takes to the stage Feb. 14 at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre.

The show focuses on the different types of love that can be experienced. Friendship, romance, and obsession are some of the loves discussed throughout the 90-minute performance.

“We’ve always had Valentine’s Days that are lacking in expectation and execution,” said MacLeod. “This will be fun, it’s songs about love. There’s going to be laughter and drinks.”

“We like to incorporate our talent with music and singing in with comedy,” said Davis.


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Funds raised from ticket sales are being split between the Long Point Basin Land Trust, and the Leighton and Betty Brown Conservation Scholarship.

The Fishnettes decided to choose these two groups to which to donate because they are a Port Dover-based group and refer to themselves as “lovers of the land and lake.”

There will also be a kissing booth available to raise funds for Australia. The Kissing for Koalas booth is a by-donation photo booth, and the members of the Fishnettes said they will not be the ones doing the kissing.

“We take ourselves seriously in our craft, but we also try to find the funny in each song,” said MacLeod.

“We’re five very strong-minded women in the arts,” said Davis. “It’s been a great experience this year to work through that, learning the different personalities and learning what works.”

The friends of the group that will be making appearances are J.P. Antonacci, Grace Davis, Richard Dupp, Nara Farrell, James Grant, and Daniel Traina.

“We rent spaces and try to put on a show,” said MacLeod.

Tickets are $30 and are available in person at 247 Main St. in Port Dover, or by phoning 519-583-2221.

The show begins at 8 p.m. on Feb. 14. It will be an event for those 16 years and older.

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