T:GO bus service adds new stop on Broadway

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The in-town T:GO bus service has been enhanced by adding a stop in front of the Tillsonburg Library, across the street from an existing bus stop in front of The Town Centre mall on Broadway.

At town council’s Feb. 22 meeting, Coun. Deb Gilvesy wondered if the bus routes should also be expanded in other parts of town.

“Was it discussed about the north end of town?” she asked. “Along North Street there is basically one whole quadrant of the town that has no bus service at all. Since we’re amending the route, why wouldn’t we have taken a look at that.”

Carlos Reyes, director of Operations and Development, said that question could be raised at the next transit advisory committee meeting.

“Just looking at the map, you can see there’s one whole corner of the map along North Street and the ‘bird subdivision’ (Rolling Meadows) that is completely left out of transportation, so I’m struggling with the fact that we are adding a bus stop right across the road from a bus stop,” said Gilvesy. “I know it’s going in a different direction, but we never looked at that whole quadrant that’s been left out.”


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“It hasn’t been ignored,” said Coun. Pete Luciani, who is on the transit advisory committee. “It’s just trying to figure out how to incorporate it … and keep a route that is consistent and something that can be followed. We have to fit in a certain amount of stops and certain amount of time within the hour time and that one, right now, was just hard to get to.

“But it’s not off the table,” Luciani added. “It’s something that we are very well aware of and we’re trying to get incorporated (into the route).”

“I have no problem adding another stop in the downtown, however if we’re already aware that it’s not time conducive to go to the north part of town,” said Coun. Chris Parker. “Adding another stop right now really doesn’t make a lot of sense if we’re adjusting the stops so that we can get to the north end of town.”

“If we’re revisiting this bus (issue), I think you’re missing the most important part – the kids, to get to school in the morning,” said Coun. Chris Rosehart, noting there are students in the area of St. Joseph’s School who are not riding the bus because of scheduling.

“To me, that would be the most important thing to look at,” said Rosehart. “See how we could transport students to the Glendale High School.”

The vote to add a new Broadway bus stop carried 4-3.


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