Latest round of incentive grants announced

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Norfolk County’s latest round of Community Improvement grants includes $20,000 for the installation of an elevator at the new location of The Good Bread Company in Vittoria.

The Good Bread Company is renovating the former Baptist Church at 13 Lamport St. as part of a pending expansion. The total value of the elevator project is $77,000.

Six other local businesses have qualified for funding under the Community Improvement Plan. They are:

  • Black Creek Music: Black Creek Music at 1562 Old Brock St. in Vittoria will receive a building façade improvement grant worth up to $4,585. The total value of the project is estimated at $35,000.
  • Lanny’s Fine Art Gallery in Simcoe: The business on Kent Street South in Simcoe will receive a grant of up to $5,100 under the building façade program. Total value of the project is estimated at $22,120.
  • 2100055 Ontario Inc. (Adam Choi): The Ontario numbered company will receive a building façade grant of up to $3,940 to improve the entryway at 16-20 Robinson St. in Simcoe. Total value of the project is estimated at $7,800.
  • Delhi Radio on Church Street West in Delhi will receive a landscaping, signage and property improvement grant of $1,335 for sign improvement. Total value of the project is estimated at $3,020.
  • McKay Holdings in Simcoe will receive a landscaping, signage and property improvement grant of up to $250 for an accessible ramp on property located at 23 Peel Street. Total value of the project is estimated at $500.
  • Dover 13 Wines & Spirits will receive a structural improvement grant of up to $15,000 for an on-farm diversified use. This one involves converting a barn into a winery on property located at 455 Radical Road, Simcoe. Total value of the project is estimated at $69,100.


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The $50,206 in grants to be disbursed in 2019 is projected to leverage additional private investments totaling $214,537. This represents a multiplier effect of 400 per cent, Norfolk County said this week in a news release.

The remaining funds in the $95,000 budget are allocated as tax increment grants to Van Amerongen & Son for $34,273 and 2364112 Ontario Ltd. (Greenfield Dental Centre) for $7,147. Both businesses are located in Simcoe.

CIP incentives have proven popular with small businesses in Norfolk County. Several applicants were not funded from the latest allocation because the budget was depleted.

Subject to funding from Norfolk County, grants are available for architectural design, environmental remediation, structural improvements, building facades, agricultural building and facilities, residential conversions and rehabilitation, landscaping, signage and property improvement, building permit fees and planning application fees.

Depending on the program, non-residential projects are eligible for incentives that apply to properties in urban, hamlet, lakeshore and agricultural areas.

Community Improvement Plans target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment. They stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive-based programs.

The CIP in Norfolk is a key component of the county’s strategy to revitalize its downtown cores.

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