Audition for It's a Wonderful Life - The Radio Play

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Almost everyone knows the story of It’s a Wonderful Life. It is the story of a man contemplating suicide and the angel who comes down to change his mind by showing him the impact he’s had on the people in his life.

With the Theatre Tillsonburg production of Mamma Mia moving from May to October 2020, the planned November show has been changed to It’s a Wonderful Life – The Radio Play, which will run at the Otter Valley Playhouse in December 2020.

Auditions end July 15th for It’s a Wonderful Life – The Radio Play.

“What makes our version different is that instead of watching the story, we are going to listen to it,” said director Julie Buffett. “We are going to sit in the audience and watch the voice actors tell the story set on an old fashioned radio studio stage. Rather than seeing the children sledding over the pond and Mary hiding in the bushes, we will hear the ice crack and the leaves rustle. The audience will have the opportunity to see actors voice different characters and even how sound effects are created live on stage!”


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The audition process for It’s a Wonderful Life – The Radio Play has been unusual because of COVID-19 restrictions. Theatre Tillsonburg has been providing interested actors with pieces of the script so they can make a recording of themselves and send it to the director.

“We are also able to do some of the early rehearsals over video conference, which allows us to get started before we have to gather as a larger group. Anyone looking to get involved can email,” said Buffett.

Audition information for Theatre Tillsonburg’s It’s a Wonderful Life – The Radio Play.
Audition information for Theatre Tillsonburg’s It’s a Wonderful Life – The Radio Play. Photo by Dianne Clark /jpg, TN

Theatre Tillsonburg is looking for adult (16+) performers who can voice multiple parts in the story. This is a radio play, so every actor will be playing a performer on stage. Performers include voice actors, foley artists, and a piano player (and/or possibly other musicians).

It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play by Philip Grecian
Theatre Tillsonburg, Dec 3-13, 2020 (public health-permitting)
Director: Julie Buffett
Producers: Angela Carvalho and Karen Tripp
More information: Your appearance does not need to match the voice performance part(s) you’re interested in. The only expectation for your appearance is that you look like you’re from the 1940s (this means: no visible piercings or tattoos; and only natural looking hair colour in traditional styles – or a good wig!)
“We are looking for actors who can voice children, young / middle aged adults, and older people. You may appear one gender and voice another. It will be necessary for most of the cast to be able to provide at least one man’s or child’s voice.”
Dialogue for larger parts must be memorized. We may have a limited number of scripts on stage for assistance (designed as props by production team).
Characters (one actor will play multiple parts). Voice performance parts include: Children / young people: young George, young Harry, young Mary, young Violet, Peter, Tommy, Zuzu, Janie, Freddie (Mary’s date in high school), Mickey (class clown).
Adult men: George Bailey, radio announcer, Harry Bailey, Nick the bartender, Bert the cop, Ernie Bishop, Mr. Martini, Marty Hatch, Mr. Carter, Sam Wainwright, Mr. Reineman, Ed, Charlie, Tom, men at building and loan, man at Martini’s, man on the street, Osgood the librarian, men near the library, reporter.
Older men: Clarence Oddbody (angel), Mr. Potter, Mr. Gower, uncle Billy, Mr. Bailey, the boss (in heaven), chairman, men at board meeting, Mr. Partridge (the principal), Joe (owns luggage store), Welch, Sheriff, Joseph (another angel), man on porch.
Adult women: Mary Hatch-Bailey, Tilly (Bailey’s secretary), Violet Bick, call letter singers, Mrs. Davis, Helen the librarian, Ruth Dakin-Bailey, Hortense, woman at building and loan, women near the library.
Older women: Mrs. Bailey, Potter’s secretary, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Thompson.
Other parts: Foley artist(s), pianist, radio producer (will likely do PA voice).

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