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Four years into their high school track and field careers, several Valley Heights Secondary School Grade 12 athletes are looking at their end meets - or nearly the end.

Bears' Laura Reimer won the school's senior girls individual points championship Tuesday, placing first in the 100m and 200m, second in 400m, second in lon the eg jump, and first in triple jump - competing in the maximum allowed five events.

She will be able to compete in three of them at the NSSAA (Norfolk) track and field meet next Wednesday at Holy Trinity in Simcoe.

"If I had to do three, it would be 100, 200 and triple, but I don't think I'll go for triple though," said Reimer, hoping to conserve her strength for the sprints. "I've gone (to NSSAA) for the triple and ... I just didn't do my best."

Reimer has qualified for CWOSSA twice - in Grade 9 and 11.

"Didn't make it past CWOSSA, 12th was the best I did."

Her goal this year - in her final season of track at Valley Heights - is to improve her times.

"I'm racing against my own time, not other people. I don't train on a track, so I go by last year's times."

How much faster is she this year?

"I'm not really sure," she smiled after the 200m, her final event of the day. "I haven't looked at any of my times today. Normally I compare times when I go and I'm really nervous at the start, but ultimately, it's my last year - I'm just going to do my best."

Claire Weaver, who shared senior girls bronze with Sabrina Mattison and Emily Killingbeck, focused on javelin (1st), but she also won the 400m and she was third in discus.

Her season-best javelin throw, 31.22m, was a just shade less than a new school record, which would have been her first.

"Sixteen centimetres," said Weaver, who had three attempts Tuesday. "The record's 31.38 metres. My first throw was 30-something, then 31."

Her final throw of the day - in the 29s - matched some of her best throws last year, which qualified her for OFSAA West Regionals, her third consecutive trip to West Regionals (midget, junior, and first-year senior) where she was ranked 16th going in, and eventually placed 12th.

"Hopefully my fourth (West Regionals) this year," said Weaver, who had her best season two years ago when she placed "8th or 9th".

Weaver noted the top-ranked West Regional athletes are throwing mid-to-high 30s - at least - and even low 40s, which makes reaching OFSAA a challenge.

"It's a lot of work, and I play a lot of other sports," she smiled, not pursuing the 400m. "I run a lot, but I do it for fun. I'm not big on competing in running."

Abe Fehr, second in senior boys shot put with a toss of 10.8m, was outgunned by Grade 12 rival PK Klassen, who won the event with 12.52m.

"Almost two metres, yeah, this was not my day," said Fehr. "Hopefully, when NSSAA rolls around, I can beat him. We're usually really close. Today was just an off day.

"The first throw was by far my furthest, but it went out of bounds, so I was like... I don't know. My last throw came around and it just slipped out of my hands, didn't go as far as I wanted it to. My other throw, I was just playing 'damage control', I wanted to come second."

"Usually we're fairly close (in shot put)," said Klassen, who has a personal best around 13 metres, adding with a smile, "Ever since grade school, me versus him. We're buddies, but ever since grade school... I went to Houghton, he went to Walsh."

The rivalry heated up at elementary school regionals.

"He beat me the first five years at least, until Grade 10... in Grade 10, 11 and 12 I beat him. But it's been pretty close throughout."

Both Fehr and Klassen also competed in discus, which Klassen won Tuesday with a throw of 30.75m.

"It was almost my max," said Klassen, who won discus at NSSAA two years in a row (and went to CWOSSA both years) and was second in shot put last year.

"I can hit 31-32, but at NSSAA they can hit mid-30s, so I'll have to be at the top of my game to keep up there. I think I can go to CSWOSSA for both (discus and shot put) this year."

Valley Heights Track and Field Day

May 8, 2018


100 M

1. Paige Wiggins 14.2

2. Emma Driedger 14.47

3. Meghan Rymer 15.82

200 M

1. Paige Wiggins 32.13

400 M

1. Emma Driedger 1:18.88

800 M

1. Jillian Hamm 3:17.84

2. Meghan Rymer 3:26.76

3. Grace Nunn 3:50.0


1. Faith Stewart 9.4m (NEW RECORD) Old Record 8.59m

2. Jillian Hamm 9.0m

4. Tina Fehr 8.76m


1. Jaime VanOoteghem 17.66m

2. Megan Carrier 17.6m

3. Destiny Nevill 14.46m


1. Emma Driedger 23.0m

2. Paige Wiggins 22.22m

3. Jillian Hamm 20.26m


1. Tina Fehr 1.25m


1. Paige Wiggins 4.16m

2. Tina Fehr 4.0m

Emma Driedger


1. Emma Driedger 9.37m

2. Paige Wiggins 9.33m

3. Tina Fehr 7.79m


100 M

1. Laura Reimer 14.94

2. Rachel Boyd 17.03

3. Carissa Doerksen 17.84

200 M

1. Laura Reimer 32.43

2. Rachel Boyd 35.21

3. Carissa Doerksen 36.96

400 M

1. Claire Weaver 1:21.68

2. Laura Reimer 1:31.03

3. Carissa Doerksen 1:36.44


1. Sabrina Mattison 8.63m

2. Emily Killingbeck 7.76m

3. Rachel Boyd 7.27m


1. Sabrina Mattison 21.03m

3. Emily Killingbeck 20.98m

3. Claire Weaver 18.55m


1. Claire Weaver 31.22m

2. Carly Vanderstar 23.98m

3. Sabrina Mattison 20.60m


1. Carissa Doerksen 1.10m


1. Carly Vanderstar 3.70m

2. Laura Reimer 3.47m

3. Emily Killingbeck 3.43m


1. Laura Reimer 8.22m

2. Carly Vanderstar 7.70m

3. Emily Killingbeck 7.17m


100 M

1. Dylan Boyd 13.74

2. Sam Gee 13.88

3. Troy Gillis 15.59

200 M

1. Dylan Boyd 27.38

2. Shawn Knelsen 29.25

3. Sam Gee 29.90

400 M

1. Dylan Boyd 1:04.81

2. Shawn Knelsen 1:06.38

3. Troy Gillis 1:07.0

800 M

1. Dylan Boyd 2:47.69

2. Shawn Knelsen 2:51.84

3. Troy Gillis 2:54.99

1500 M

1. Troy Gillis 10:04.0

2. Jayden Carroll 13:54.0


1. Ethan Peters 10.17m

2. Henry Knelsen 9.37m

3. Tony Epp 9.21m


1. Tony Epp 22.22m

2. Issac Schollaert 20.22m

3. Dalton Devos 18.53m


1. Greg Penner 27.36m

2. Ethan Peters 27.08m

3. Bob Harder 25.05m


1. Greg Penner 1.64m

2. Shawn Knelsen 1.61m

3. Ethan Peters 1.45m


1. Brad Want 4.31m

2. Ethan Peters 4.0m

3. Bob Harder 3.89m


1. Shawn Knelsen 10.41m

2. Greg Penner 9.52m

3. Dylan Boyd 9.41m


100 M

1. Matt Smithson 13.12

200 M

1. Matt Smithson 27.77

2. Corny Knelsen 30.12

400 M

1. Matt Smithson 1:03.72

2. Corny Knselsen 1:06.53

800 M

1. Matt Smithson 2:45.96

2. Corny Knelsen 2:54.92

1500 M

1. Matt Smithson 7:18.0

3000 M

1. Tanner Lammens 12:26.0


1. Tanner Lammens 10.99m

2. Adam Thompson 10.72m

3. Nathan Bridges 9.84m


1. Nathan Bridges 25.71m

2. Noah Hamm 20.95m

3. Tanner Lammens 19.76m


1. Nathan Bridges 36.15m

2. Adam Thompson 32.74m

3. Tanner Lammens 30.78m


1. Corny Knelsen 1.55m

2. Abe Peters 1.50m

3. Tanner Lammens 1.35m


1. Randy Klassen 4.48m

2. Abe Peters 3.98m


1. Corny Knelsen 10.33m

2. Randy Klassen 10.0m

3. Abe Peters 8.69m


100 M

1. Richard Neudorf 12.15

2. Peter Peters 13.24

3. Cole Joslin 13.28

200 M

1. Rick Neudorf 26.38

2. Peter Peters 29.16

3. Michael Wall 29.2

400 M

1. Carter Jacobs 1:03.17

2. Hunter Spietaels 1:06.66

800 M

1. Carter Jacobs 2:35.29

2. Austin Devos 2:43.25

3. Zach Hiebert 2:50.4

1500 M

1. Carter Jacobs 5:58.0

2. Austin Johnson 7:03.0

3000 M

1. Carter Jacobs 13:46.0

2. Austin Johnson 13:47.0

3. Richard Neudorf 13:47.5


1. PK Klassen 12.52m

2. Abe Fehr 10.8m

3. Cole Joslin 10.51m


1. PK Klassen 30.75m

2. Peter Peters 28.72m

3. Brandon Kozak 25.65m


1. Brandon Kozak 40.43m

2. Jeremy Van Wynsberghe 36.81m

3. Ben Wernaart 32.17m


1. Jeremy Van Wynsberghe 1.60m

Brandon Kozak

3. Austin Devos 1.55m


1. Brandon Kozak 5.21m

2. Jeremy Van Wynsberghe 5.06m

3. Peter Peters 5.01m


1. Brandon Kozak 11.05m

2. Peter Peters 10.68m

3. Jeremy Van Wynsberghe 10.54m

Overall Individual Champs


Gold - Paige Wiggins & Emma Driedger

Bronze - Jillian Hamm


Gold - Laura Reimer

Silver - Carissa Doerksen

Bronze - Sabrina Mattison, Emily Killingbeck & Claire Weaver


Gold - Dylan Boyd

Silver - Shawn Knelsen

Bronze - Ethan Peters


Gold - Matthew Smithson

Silver - Corny Knelsen

Bronze - Tanner Lammens


Gold - Brandon Kozak

Silver - Carter Jacobs

Bronze - Jeremy Van Wynsberghe




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