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Smooth sailing. When does that ever happen? What does that even mean?

Just when you think things are settling down, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining big and bright, you’ve turned a corner, stability has finally descended, something just has to happen to upset the apple cart.

Hope all survived the big blow last Friday. A lot of branches and trees down all over from reports I’ve heard. But “all over” is not quite as concerning to me as the huge spruce that is sprawled out across my roof.

It snapped off about six feet high and snuggled up on top of my house from the lot line to the west, to the driveway on the east, the full length of my house. From what I can see, standing safely on the ground, it has smashed and torn up a section at the corner but can’t tell how much other damage has been done to the rest of the roof or the flat roof along the back. There is no visible intrusion to the interior but don’t know about space between roof and ceiling, especially after the heavy rain on Sunday.

Of course, this happened late Friday afternoon during a hydro outage. I did get in touch with my insurance broker but she was unable, due to time or lack of hydro or both, to make contact with insurance company until Monday. Luckily, I have not had to evacuate my home.

By column deadline Tuesday, the claim had been made, but no appointment with the adjuster to come have a look. So Terrance the Tree is still firmly and, apparently comfortably, lounging on my roof. Considering the wind on Friday, I think they are pretty busy and I know some folks had much more immediate concerns. I just hope we don’t get too much more rain as I have no idea if it can infiltrate the attic and if it can, where it will go.

This whole process has caused some inconvenience since I have to stay home and close to the phone (land line) for when that all important call comes in from the insurance people. I would think once that happens the real fun will begin.

It’s a huge tree so might require some kind of crane to lift it and move it so it can be cut up. That should prove exciting, right? The whole neighbourhood might come out to watch.

Once that is done the evaluation of repairs will begin. Have no idea if there is a little or a lot of damage; if it’s superficial or structural; if it will need complete replacement or just a patch or two. Don’t know how long this whole procedure will take so am not making any plans for the immediate future.

This gives me lots of time to clean closets, wash windows, go through boxes, wipe down walls, rearrange furniture, cook, bake and all sorts of good things I likely would not be doing if this hadn’t happened.

No smooth sailing but there is always a silver lining. 


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