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The legacy left from my father was poetry. My father was a most unusual man and highly entertaining. He could write stories that had you in stiches and poetry that would either make you blush, cry or were very spiritually profound.

Over the years around Christmas I have shared some of his Christmas poems with you and would like to share another.

When we received a gift for any occasion it came with a poem. He could write rhymes about the craziest things, from electric can openers to swords. The first one accompanied a gift to my mother, his Dreamboat and the second, one of his musings.

Merry Christmas, 1975

Don’t think I've slipped or am deranged

But Dear, your tastes have really changed

No more crude jokes with beer and wine

Now it's "The opera, dear, was just divine!"

Or, "My the lecture was so grand,

Let’s give the Greeks a great big hand."

So into the night you often sally

To hear a choir, or watch a ballet,

And if you've time for an extra something

You take a coarse in Bible Thumping!

Well I don’t mind - you know it’s true

Go see whatever's good for you,

And I'm so pleased, to tell the truth

To find that you're so filled with "couth."

And so to help you in your quest

Of what is fine, and what is best,

I'm giving you - for shows or classes

A brand new pair of Opera Glasses,

I hope they help increase your pleasure

While watching dancers tread a measure,

And bring the action close to you

When Stratford stages come in view,

And maybe as you watch the throng

You'll let this old clown tag along,

Cause you must know by now it's true,

THIS Actor just performs for you.

All my love, Dreamboat.

- Ron


Christmas Dreams

I dream each year of long ago,

Of Holly bright - and mistletoe,

When those we loved were young and gay

All filled with cheer on Christmas Day:

Of skates and sleighs and wondrous toys,

The merry whirl of Christmas joys

My dreams have changed a lot since then

For that was truly ‘way back when.’

I’d love once more to hear and see

Those happy scenes that used to be,

The pranks we played when we were able

The faces missing from the table.

I think of all that made life grand

Why must the hour glass loose its sand?

Still time will never steal away

The dream I’ll have this Christmas Day,

That all man kind will say “Amen”

To Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men!

- RFT 


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