Maloney hosts Sammy Krenshaw's Sept. 29 comedy night

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What do you do when you vow to eat a photo of actor Jason Segel every day until the actor eats your photo?

You receive international attention.

And you keep eating.

Now approaching 200 days, Toronto comedian Noah Maloney, a Woodstock native, has not given up. Although he has not posted on his YouTube channel 'Dog Shirt' since July 24 (Day 154-159) while on vacation, he still eats a Segel photo daily and records it, planning to upload at a later date.

"Now we do them once a week, usually. We'll film them and upload them as one... just because it takes over your life having to upload every day."

Maloney, 19, will be bringing the action to Tillsonburg on Friday, Sept. 29th when he hosts a comedy night at Sammy Krenshaw's featuring stand up from Sam Losco of Trailer Park Boys fame, who will be performing his Greasy Caveman Show, a hot dog eating contest, karaoke, meet and greets, and more.

"Trailer Park Boys, of course I'm a big fan," said Maloney. "Canadian comedy, a super important show. It's one of those few, good Canadian shows that have been made. Definitely an important show."

"So I'm going to host the show, do some fun stuff, eat some faces..." added Maloney, who will also do his own stand up on the 29th. "Yep, that's my job, my main thing I do. I host a monthly show at Placebo Space in Toronto, and I do shows at Comedy Bar as well."

Dog Shirt is his main YouTube channel where he uploads live shows "with a bunch of weird media and different live things. Essentially, it's our best 'worst crap,' that's what we're trying to do."

In was in the pursuit of comedy that he launched his Segel photo eating campaign in February 2017. Not because Segel said or did anything special.

"Me and my two roommates, the guys who do it all, we were sitting around and thought it would be funny for our friends. There was no real plan or anything to continue with it or make it an actual thing, we just thought a one-off video would be funny. We thought, 'If this gets like 500 views, that's hilarious. So we did the whole thing in like 15 minutes.

"The original idea was I was going to eat a $5 bill every day until I got arrested, but that's too expensive. And I wasn't ready to be arrested, then. Probably would now."

A few hours later he got a call - they were on the front page of Reddit with hundreds of thousands of views.

"So that's how a stupid joke became a real thing.

"We don't really know why (Jason Segel), he just popped in our heads. It was just such a dumb, simple idea. We didn't pick anyone crazy, just because it's funnier to pick someone who doesn't really matter."

Maloney and his friends also have an animation channel they update weekly, which has had some success, if not quite the same standout success.

"It's just consistent," said Maloney, noting some videos went over 100k views. "The Segel stuff kind of made it famous and the other stuff makes it consistent."

The 100th episode on Dog Shirt featured an 'I quit' theme where they faked the ending.

"We had like two weeks off and we said, 'we don't have to go back.' We had a big, long 10-minute video and people loved it - it got a lot of views. So there was no reason to go back, but at the same time, the idea is so dumb... why wouldn't we?"

A big finale has been planned in October when they travel to Los Angeles.

"If that doesn't work, I'm going to change my name to Jason Segel and do it myself," he laughed.

SEPTEMBER 29 - Sammy's

Tickets to the Sept. 29 comedy show at Sammy Krenshaw's are $10 in advanced ($15 on the night) with tickets available at Sammy's, Bell Store Tillsonburg, and online at The event is all ages, licensed, and will features local artists and comedians to be announced. 



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