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Are you terrified of the traffic circles?

Are you terrified because you don’t know how to properly use them?

There are people who will not be going to Ingersoll after the 401 and Highway 19 overpass work is completed because there will be a traffic circle on either side of the 401.

Some people are so bad, instead of entering and going around they are actually turning left as if they were at a corner.

You can’t avoid them forever! You must learn how to do this safely! Online, there are lots of visual examples showing how to do this with real cars. If you don’t know how to use them, learn, because you are a hazard and can cause accidents.

The two most important things to do is know that you YIELD to those already in the circle and use your signals when you are going to exit so the next person coming on knows you are going off.

When you approach the roundabout:

1. Slow down.

2. Keep to the right of the splitter island and YIELD to traffic.

3. Use the correct lane for your intended destination.

4. Pay special attention to pedestrians who may be crossing the roadway.

5. Yield to cyclists and any traffic already driving through the roundabout.

6. Stop if there are vehicles already inside the roundabout and the way is not clear.

7. Enter when there is a safe gap in traffic.

When you're in the roundabout:

1. Keep to the right of the centre island and drive in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach your exit.

2. Don't pass large vehicles or change lanes.

3. Don't stop inside the roundabout, except to avoid a collision.

To exit the roundabout:

1. Use your right-turn signal. If you are going off at the first exit to your right, use your right blinker. If you are continuing to go straight out the other side, don’t use your blinker until you ready to go out. If you are in a two lane circle and will be going three-quarters of the way around or totally around to do a U Turn, then get into the left lane with your left blinker on, so people know you are staying there and going past the other exits.

2. If you miss your exit, continue around the roundabout again and then exit.

Share the road

Emergency vehicles: If you are still outside the roundabout, pull over to the right, if you can do so safely. Let the emergency vehicle pass you before you enter.

If you are inside the roundabout already, drive around to your intended exit. Leave the roundabout completely before you pull over to the right. Then let the emergency vehicle pass you.

Large vehicles may need to use more than one lane when they enter, drive through, and exit a roundabout. Within the roundabout, they may also need to use the truck apron. Give large vehicles plenty of room to navigate. They may look like they are going to exit but unless their blinker is on, don’t enter. They need the two lanes to get around!

Print the roundabout brochure at - it has good diagrams and study it.




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