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What is everyone talking about these days?

Is it the Blue Jays? For some the Jays have taken on a more prominent role these days.

Is it gardening? Those who love it have been at it for a while already and are gaining great satisfaction from it.

Is it spring cleaning? Those who are talking about that are a bit weird.

No, what most folks are still talking about is Trump. Watching CNN has become a recreational pastime. It’s like watching a train wreck, you just can’t turn away. I have it on when I am working around the house and have to stop what I am doing, occasionally, to watch the latest, outlandish, most often deceptive proclamation out of Trump’s mouth. I just can’t help myself.

As if he hasn’t got enough stuff on his plate that he knows nothing about, he’s picking a fight with Canada. What did we do? He needs our lumber and we want to sell it to him so what’s the issue? He is making tariff threats but, I think, he is just trying to bully us into doing things his way. I hope our folks stay strong knowing the only way to defeat a bully is to stand up to him. I am not sure what his problem is with the Canadian dairy industry but I am sure it will be another bullying tactic.

All his bluster about trade and bringing jobs back to America is becoming tiresome. Has he or his family members brought the manufacturing of their products back from China and other foreign countries? No. He is definitely not leading by example. Why is no one reminding him of that?

Remember how he promised, more than once, he would resurrect the coal industry and get those miners back to work? Do you suppose he has promised China, who is a huge importer of North Korea coal, he would provide them with all the coal they want when he gets the coal mines reopened, if they just do something to get North Korea under control? China made a slight overture when they turned back a couple boatloads of the coal from North Korea in a show of solidarity with the Americans. Does he really think he can control North Korea or China with promises or threats? Does he think they don’t realize he is all bluster and lies and will only humour him to get what they want from him?

He threatens China to stop the dumping of steel but uses that very dumped steel from China in his projects in the States. Is no one holding him accountable for that? His use of illegal or undocumented immigrants and off shore labourers on his projects and properties is well recorded. Shouldn’t someone say and do something about it?

Everything he does is suspect. So far he hasn’t managed to accomplish much legislatively in his first 100 days and we should all be thankful for that but he has exposed who he is and that should scare the bean out of all of us. 



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