Knowing what to do when someone dies

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The best of intentions aside, deep down we must acknowledge that every dance does come to an end; none of us knows how much time we have left.  Death scares many people.  The circumstance of death leaves loved ones extremely vulnerable.  

Do you know what to do when someone dies?  

We would encourage you to use the eventual certainty of death as your inspiration to live…..pour all of what you are into a life that inspires, strengthens, and brings a smile once you are a memory. Wareing Cremation Services Inc. offers Direct Cremation services and Direct Burial services in a most respectful and dignified manner.

Our vision in opening our own transfer service in August of 2014 is a belief that we have something to offer to our community and the surrounding area.  We want to provide options – a new perspective for funeral services.

We are able to provide for families from the time a death occurs – whether that is in hospital, at home, nursing home or hospice – through to the return of your loved one’s cremated remains or in the instance of direct burial bringing the casket to the graveside.

Ours is a vocation to facilitate the wishes of the deceased.  At Wareing Cremation Services we have the integrity to provide for those who are experiencing loss and to be the advocate that they need. We feel it is our obligation as bereavement professionals to provide complete information – to outline all of the options available to the individual – so that our clients can make informed decisions.

As we strive to maintain bonds of friendship and extend concern and compassion to the best of our ability - many of us are often looking for the perfect “something” to express our thoughts.  Wareing Cremation Services offers a gift shop area just inside our front door.  

Our stock suits the practical and the whimsical…something to express love or remembrance… inspire or comfort those who are struggling with a diagnosis or with loss.  

We provide a wealth of books for all ages that are seeking insight concerning all of the aspects surrounding death, plus loads of fiction for adults, teens, and children.  

Candles to delight the senses, and unique canes to assist those now struggling with upward mobility.  

Lanterns, Willow Tree figurines, wreaths and more.

Preplanning of funeral arrangements – perhaps years in advance – is a decision being made by many.Once people begin this preplanning process, most often as a part of their estate planning, they discover that this entire exercise provides the opportunity to truly explore what actually needs to happen. It is often thought that a funeral has to be pre-paid if prearranged.  Pre-payment for the services is a choice - an option available to anyone who wishes.  Prepayment of your arrangements is a financially sound idea which allows you to purchase for the future at today's prices. 

As human beings we observe religious and cultural ceremony to honour our dead and to celebrate the life lived.  

Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing have come to see our purpose as the constant and continuing improvement of the traditional.  

Our view is that the services we can provide allow for the return to families being present and involved in the stages of a loved ones’ death and the funeral ceremony.  This journey is what builds the true steps to acceptance, support, and the beginning of healing.  

Wareing Cremation Services is honoured to serve the families of our community as they take those last steps.



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