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Ches Sulkowski - Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer

Tuesday, Nov. 1

Verne’s Carpet 7, Pettman’s Auction 2

The Week 2 opener was a defensive affair as the Verne’s crew took a 3-1 1st half lead. The game opened up a bit in the 2nd as Verne’s dominated once again outscoring Auction 4-1. It was a balanced attack for the Carpet with six scorers - Troy Sebok had a pair with singles from Donavon Suderman, Jenn Whittington, Marlon Ramirez, Carlos Oliveira and Ryan Verbuyst. Auction got singles from Derek Lindhout and Kyle Karwur.

DoneRight Landscaping 9, Poultry Specialties 7

Our 2nd game was much closer but more offensive as DoneRight took the early 5-3 edge at the half. It was much of the same in the 2nd with the teams exchanging at four apiece to keep it within reach. DoneRight’s big gun was Don Evanitski with five, followed by a Max Evanitski pair and singles from Marijn Noorland and Kyle Otten. Poultry’s goal-getter was Stephan DeGroote with four, followed by a double from goalie Koert Vanittersum and Rudi Vanittersum single.

Nov. 2

NuDecor 9, Courtland PPM 3

Wednesday’s opening match was an exciting 1st half with NuDecor taking the early edge 3-2. The 2nd half was all Decor blasting out to a 6-1 lead as Courtland’s offence just couldn’t find the mark. The hot foot for NuDecor was Lucas Bos with four, followed by doubles from Ivan Hernandez and Romel Diaz. Goalie Tyler Danbrook added the single. Courtland got two from Duane Phillips and the single by Andy Metselaar.

Corey’s Restaurant 19, Signshop 7

Our tilted floor score of the week was practically set and done as Corey’s blasted out to a 12-4 1st half lead. The 2nd half was less offensive as Corey’s just cruised-controlled 7-3 to victory. Goalie Mike Mesquita had a hay day with five, followed closely by a Matt Davis four, three apiece from Joel Taylor, Aaron DeJong and Mac Robinson. Kevin Yu added the single. Signshop got a hat trick from Eric Kok. Goalie Brian Teixeira added a double with singles from Nancy Teixeira and Paul Crowder.

Nov. 3

Ontario Laser 7, Kraushaar Machine 5

Thursday’s match featured another close affair with the Laser crew cutting out to a 4-2 lead. The 2nd half was much more defensive as the teams deadlocked at 3-3. Laser’s Ryan VanLeeuwen, Trista Langrell and Nate Beard all got doubles with goalie Tyler VanLeeuwen adding the single. The Machine got a hat trick from Bailey Page and the double by Bobby Orr.

Danbrook Auto 11, Tillson Pizza 6

Our final game of the week featured a speedy 1st half lead as the Auto gang jumped out to a 6-2 margin. The 2nd was a bit better for Pizza as they managed to score a few more goals. Danbrook’s big gunner was Jason Beard with four, followed by a hat tricks from Nick Byrnes and Rachel Bryan and the single by Kaitlyn Gooding. Pizza got two from Adam Simon and a load of singles from Brayden Simon, Richard Phan, Anthony Simon and Griffin Simon.

Tuesday, Nov. 8 - cancelled

Wednesday, Nov. 9 - Kraushaar vs Courtland PPM; Auction vs Laser

Thursday, Nov. 10 - Signshop vs Tillson Pizza, Corey’s vs Verne’s

Tues. Nov. 15 - cancelled

Wednesday, Nov. 16 - Kraushaar vs DoneRight; Auction vs Danbrook

Thursday, Nov. 17 - NuDecor vs Verne’s; Corey’s vs Tillson Pizza 



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