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The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases, followed by the waxing moon which means "growing" or expanding in illumination towards the incandescent full moon stage. This is followed by the waning moon, meaning "shrinking" or decreasing in illumination before returning to the new moon. This cycle is repeated every 29.5 days.

A new moon is the moment when the Sun and Earth are on the opposite sides of the moon. The visual is contrary and paradox to the giant display of a full moon, as the first stage cannot normally be seen from the Earth.

But don’t let a new moon’s lack of visual bling convey any weakness or its darkness compared to lack of growth. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots.

When we grow a garden, we plant the seeds beneath the soil in the darkness. They seem dormant while lying still in the shadows, but they are not. They are growing, expanding, and gather energy before they

break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our cultivation of ideas and clearing the way for our vision and dreams to surface in reality.

Like a child in the nurturing darkness of their mother’s womb, there is so much work, growth and development going on before the gestation period is suffice and the physical manifestation of what has been growing finally arrives.

So what gardens of intentions have you been sowing?

The harvest from the October 30th new moon is near. The Full Moon of November arrives Nov. 14, and this new moon is not an average lunar mediocrity. In fact the 3,474 km diameter moon will be closer to Earth than any other since 1948. The scientific term “perigree moon” refers to when the moon is at its

closest point to Earth in its orbit. When a perigree moon coincides with the full moon, the extra-large, brightly lit moon is known as a “supermoon.”

NASA says this month’s supermoon will appear 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent larger than a typical full moon. Meaning it will appear about 600 km larger, the equivalency of the distance from here to Indiana.

During the winter in Canada it can even appear even larger. At this time of the year, the Earth is closer to the Sun and the Sun's gravity pulls the moon closer to the Earth, making any winter Super Full Moons look bigger than summer ones.

The full moon can bring light to the seedlings of our intentions and thoughts. What we have been putting energy into (whether negative or positive, low or high energy) and what we have been growing since the new moon, is about to arrive. The full moon’s light illuminates where we are in this moment, and what it is we have been manifesting in our lives.

This show-stopping Super Full Moon will be an amazing opportunity to check in with yourself and take inventory of how you are feeling in your body, mind and heart and your life as a whole.

The full moon is a powerful time for meditation, energy healing and recharging human energy fields. It’s a time-honored tradition, tracing back to many ancient cultures that used rituals and ceremonies. It was and is believed that the full moon shines down so much pure energy, anything it touches is infused with a powerful radiance and expansion. It would stand to reason then, that the super moon will amplify that power.

While truly full for only about a minute, the full moon energy can be harnessed for a few days before and after. Here are five introspective exercises you can implement for more self-awareness and mindfulness in your life.

1. Get real! What is the truth of your health and happiness? Is it where you want to be? By getting rid of our masks and embracing with a loving strength, we allow the vulnerability of truth to be real. Let the light shine on the shadows of your life, allowing truth to give new intentions expansion.

2. Sweet Dreams. According to astrology, this full moon is highly associated with Pisces, a very dreamy sign. Therefore, write down your night dreams and your day dreams. Notice how they make you feel. Do you feel expansion in your chest when you think about them manifesting?

3. Quiet Inquiry. Slow down, take stock and check in with yourself. Sit quietly and connect with your breath. Take some deeper and slower breaths. Notice what comes up. How is your body feeling? Do you need to make some lifestyle changes? What emotions are you feeling? How can stress be reduced and released? Are you living your soul’s mission or do you need to start making adjustments? Meditate on this.

4. Release. Whether you wish to release past energy you still carry with you today or you desire happiness, love or whatever, intention setting is an abundant tool amped by a full moon. Get clear about what isn’t serving you right now and write down everything that you are ready to release. Be thankful for the lessons and gifts that these experiences brought about, then release with a mantra “I now release this” and burn the paper. Fire is a beautiful symbol of release and transformation.

5. Intentions. After release exercise, write down everything you want to call info your life. Hold the paper to your heart and envision this as if it has already happened. Find the feeling association. Then with a simple mantra “I am open to receive this” place the paper somewhere safe. As you revisit the list every couple weeks, you will be amazed!

Throughout the moon cycle, we can harness its power to get clearer of what is important to us and what we need to let go of. The moon cycle gives opportunity to be more insightful and more mindful as we all work towards self-mastery to live a happier and healthier life.

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