Siemens Canada's a valued partner in the community

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Mayor's Message at Siemens export announcement

Mayor Stephen Molnar

April 11, 2016

"To Minister Bob Chiarelli, Robert Hardt and your corporate members at Siemens Canada, to Steven Cho in representing the valuable contributions of Samsung C&T, to the leadership team at Pattern Energy (represented Monday by Jody Law), and to all the other partners assembled here today to celebrate this very important occasion, thank you for your invitation.

On behalf of Municipal Council and the over 16,000 residents of the Town of Tillsonburg, it is a great pleasure to bring greetings today on the occasion of the announcement of the first series of 55-metre blades for export to Wales.

From the time the municipality began negotiating with Siemens, right up until today, it has been a partnership built on a shared commitment to building a quality facility while also building a stronger community.

Siemens' investment in Tillsonburg is a great example of Tillsonburg's longstanding history of partnering with the private sector to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Your success in Ontario has been a cornerstone for our community's growth and today's announcement reinforces our collective excitement about the future.

Tillsonburg often markets itself s 'Ontario's Big Small Town'... in essence a Small Town with Broad Shoulders – and having Siemens in our community is perfect for projecting that image.

Another reason Siemens and Tillsonburg are such great partners is the strong relationship that developed (and has been maintained) between the town's municipal governments and Siemens. When you have a partnership, each has to understand each other's needs. And then you must be able to respond to those needs. At our end, we are trying to be as lean and efficient as possible. We've streamlined processes and are continually improving so we are able to respond with a level of sophistication that a global company like Siemens expects.

To Siemens' credit, as a large international corporation, they never arrived in Tillsonburg trying to change our town. We have identified shared values, and they have truly enhanced this environment they chose to invest in.

Tillsonburg has enjoyed a positive history in supporting green energy initiatives. We are proud owners of the Otter Valley Utility Corridor that transmits the energy provided by the Erie Shores Wind Farm to the Ontario Power Authority grid in our community. Our support for the creative Oxford County Sustainable Plan (thank you Warden David Mayberry for your attendance today) is indicative of our collective understanding in prioritizing the three key pillars that are required for the future of a town, a region and a province. These three key priorities of Environment, Economy and Community, like three legs of a stool, are required to remain in balance to provide the strong foundation required for growth and sustainability. I firmly believe our partners at Siemens understand this and have demonstrated a local commitment to all three referenced priorities.

However, beyond all the partnerships assembled, from the valuable investment in our community, to the fabrication of the 1,000th blade, and including this significant announcement today, the real power generated here at Siemens is by your people.

The valuable contributions made by your dedicated work force, throughout our community on a daily basis, are experienced on our playing fields, in our schools, in various service clubs, and in our retail sector. You are our coaches, our volunteers, and a considerable consumer element throughout Tillsonburg and our surrounding region.

As we celebrate this historic announcement today, I am also proud to recognize two new industrial investments in this same industrial corridor. The success of a growing community also brings advanced challenges as we prepare for future opportunities. To this end I would like personally to recognize the valuable contributions of Minister Chiarelli and his team in assisting this community on a variety of initiatives that will prove valuable for all partners over the coming years.

In summary, I would again like to recognize the valuable opportunities available to all partners through the Green Energy Act and the vision of contributions that Siemens has made to the Town of Tillsonburg. Your investment has brought valuable employment and commerce to our town, but perhaps more important is the spirit you have helped generate in the people impacted by your decision to locate here. From the over 300 skilled employees, to your community involvement in youth and charitable organizations, to the general spirit and vision that your corporate ideals create, you are helping in part to transform an entire community.

Again, on behalf of an extremely proud community, it brings me great pleasure to congratulate Siemens Canada, your entire corporate team and global partners on the announcement of the first blades manufactured at this Tillsonburg facility for export to the UK.

Best wishes to all as we continue to work together to enhance the opportunities provided by the Ministry of Energy and the success of this local Siemens facility and to continue to make Tillsonburg 'the Place to Build Your Future.' 



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