I don't say people are stupid, they just have no clue!

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A writer in Lion's Head describes the monarchy as "a historical absurdity." He bases this on a statement beginning with "if" which implies something did not happen

Doesn't that invalidate his conclusion?

I know, it makes my head ache, too, but it is this sort of thinking, if acted upon would have devastating results for Canadians. Federal police and provincial police carry the Queen's warrant. Military personnel are at this arm's length from political meddling.

When 'divine right of kings' was in force, no citizen's head was safe. The first step on the road to change happened when King John was compelled to sign the Magna Carta.

To abandon the Crown would send this and chain of changes to oblivion.

What would replace it? In Australia some years ago, it was replaced by a ropy, faceless string of words. A writer said lost was an archaic oath of fealty to the British royal family.

Didn't they also lose the protection of the Royal Patent from whoever chose to take advantage of the change?

A writer says Canadians pledge allegiance to a foreign queen. Maybe some do, but those who know Queen Elizabeth First is not Queen Elizabeth Second of England.

Same person, different crown.

How many of us know that that the term Prime Minister came into being because George Second couldn't speak or understand English. He didn't have to amend a law to appoint someone to act in his stead, but the practice led to some powerful men holding office.

A monarch need not be mentally sound. The reign of George Fourth led to The Boston Tea Party in Boston, and a series of blunders eventually led to Paul Revere's ride and the birth of the USA.

Yes, there are many other stories in this saga, but maybe you get the sort of blood that can be spilt when a Kingdom cleaves into a republic.

Do we really want to take that path?

A really stupid move was made that gave party leaders power to veto nominations.

Editor emeritus Bill Pratt has discussed this very strongly in letters to the editor.

My editor will not allow the kind of language I used to express my disappointment when Jean Chretien arranged a comfortable pension for his toady, Garr Knutson.

There is nervousness in Northern Ontario as a police investigation has resulted in charges of political interference.

It is not without pleasure I've heard a former premier may be summoned to give evidence.

It has no relation to any of this, but Canadians' propensity to sue – one of those central Canadian values? – is stifling fun in the streets, lanes, and parks.

Another hardship for local and other people to store their off season vehicles, are arbitrary decisions to change the rules. If you don't subscribe to comprehensive on a stored vehicle, even though the chance of a stone chip in a locked building is nil.

Where's Goldhawk when you need him?

Who's Goldhawk?

There are more absurdities, but I'm sure you've read enough.


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