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ISIS warning

A leader of the group ISIS has risen to decide the fate of all who do not think as he does. I compared him to Hitler of whom we now know the outcome. It was suggested that this is much worse. We do not yet know the outcome.

I recall the fear felt as a young person starting at Tillsonburg High School at the beginning of World War II. Britain was standing alone at that time, with Germany across the channel in France. We wondered what our lives would be like with such a dictator.

Many young people from this area went into the services to keep back the enemy, as many of you know. I knew well of two young people who went early, and never returned. Later, history claimed air pilots went into combat without adequate training, but the need for pilots was imperative.

Many prayers at this time were organized by churches, groups and individuals. The danger was felt and many responded.

I ask that now, today, you will act similarly by prayer, constant prayer helped by Bible reading. We are thankful that we can ask for help from the God who loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus to die on the Cross, and that He rose again, and is alive today.

But we must seek Him, ask, and pray – ie. talk to God.

With concern for all,

June Lowrie,

RR3 Tillsonburg


Feeling sad for Tom Harpur

In Tom Harpur's article 'Science, faith at odds over our very being' (Tillsonburg News, July 8), he states multiple things that are false.

First, Mr. Harpur states that it is the "Fundamentalist Christians" who call evolution a theory not a fact. History shows that evolution was and has always been a 'theory' not a fact. Reason being, the evidence to prove it as a 'fact' is not there. That's not to say that our schools don't teach evolution in a way that would make the average student believe that it's a fact, because many do.

Secondly, Mr. Harpur attacks the intelligence of "Fundamentalist Christians." In his article he tries to convince the reader that you have to be a 'nut,' stupid, or both to believe in creationism. When I look at a 'watch,' it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there has to be a 'watch maker' to put it all together. A watch just doesn't come together on its own and tell time. Yet, a watch is simplistic compared to the human body. Harpur and the evolutionists want me (all of us) to believe that mankind just came together on its own over millions, maybe even billions of years? Now, be honest, which takes more faith to believe; a watch maker (God) or evolution (things just coming together out of nothing)??

Interesting, Harpur concedes that there quite possibly could be a God, but if there is then he just created the world and went on vacation and let 'things evolve on their own.'

Harpur and all evolutionists can not accept that God intentionally created everything, especially the part about creating Mankind in His own image. If that was believed, then many of the injustices today would not be legal. We would then be held accountable to God our Maker and we 'couldn't let that happen.'

I just returned from Israel three months ago. The things I saw, read and heard were incredible. Historically, they proved the Bible to be true in every case (eg. the Dead Sea Scrolls). In order to prove something to be historically true one needs three things. No. 1 oral testimony. No. 2 written testimony. No. 3 exhibits (physical artifacts and sites). In Israel you will find all three of these truths everywhere you turn.

Mr. Harpur and all those who believe evolution: If Fundamentalist Christians are in fact wrong in what they believe, what have they lost compared to everyone else? The answer: Nothing. However, if you and the theory of evolution is False, what have you lost? The answer: Everything!!

Phil Decker,




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