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Voice of Slo-Pitch - Dave Weaver

This will be an eventful week in Tillsonburg slo-pitch.

Wednesday will feature a meeting between the top two teams in Ladies at Annandale 3 at 6:30. Corey's-Maple View are currently two games better in the loss column of Eichenberg's. The top two in Men's C meet Thursday night 8:30 at Kiwanis as first place Corey's Restaurant will meet up with Ward's Automotive.

The end of the week will feature the All-Star game on Friday night. Below is a list of the All-Star participants and coaches.

A Division

Blue Crew

Coach - Kevin Miller

Jake Klassen - Survivors

Martin Klassen - Survivors

Jake Fehr - Survivors

Johnny Klassen - Survivors

Ryan Miller - Boston Pizza

Randy Miller - Boston Pizza

Abe Epp - Boston Pizza

Ryan Carroll - Boston Pizza

Mike Shewan - IC Waters

Steve Leacock - IC Waters

Jeff Cadotte - IC Waters

Eric Lockey - IC Waters

Nasty Boys

Coach - John Nichols

Dave Phillips - Haines Roofing

Phil Durham - Haines Roofing

Craig Smith - Haines Roofing

Chris VanParys - Gators

Jon Nunn - Gators

Darryl Vandendriessche - Gators

Bryan DeBlaire - Robert Q Travel

Darren Pace - Robert Q Travel

Josh Stubbs - Robert Q Travel

Derek Kunderman - Roosters

Greg Buchner - Roosters

Josh Munro - Roosters

Men's B

Hollister's Heroes

Coach - Kyle Hollister

Travis Horvath - Bill's Pizza Kekambas

Steve Demeter - Bill's Pizza Kekambas

Kyle Smith - Bill's Pizza Kekambas

Kent Collings - GC Lounsbury

Greg Onaitis - GC Lounsbury

Colin McDonald - GC Lounsbury

Dallas Dalby - Tirecraft

Ryan Hambleton - Tirecraft

Nick Nagy - Tirecraft

Abe Krahn - Ontario Laser Spartans

Jake Friesen - Ontario Laser Spartans

Martin Klassen - Ontario Laser Spartans

All The President's Men

Coach - Chris Parker

Lance MacKenzie - Domino's Hounds

Joe Kingsbury - Domino's Hounds

Nick Barnim - Domino's Hounds

Dan MaCrae - Kirwin and Oatman

Shaine Hall - Kirwin and Oatman

Matt Davis - Kirwin and Oatman

Adam Jensen - Cain's Pelicans

Derek Craggs - Cain's Pelicans

Ryan Verbuyst - Cain's Pelicans

Riley Turpin - Sandham Transport

Jim Long - Sandham Transport


Men's C

Centre Field

Coach - Dave Weaver

Ryan Bruckler - Ward's Automotive

Trevor Hawley - Ward's Automotive

Troy Lamoure - Ward's Automotive

Brett Parsons - Ward's Automotive

Ryan Blackman - Delhi Dodgers

Garrett Roelens - Delhi Dodgers

Brad Wencel - Norox Basement Applications

Brent O'Brien - Norox Basement Applications

Phil Beauvais - Norox Basement Applications

Kevin MacDonald - Flying Squirrels

Andrew Patenaude - Flying Squirrels

Rob Underhill - Flying Squirrels

Egos And Icons

Coach - Jason Vandomele - Corey's Restaurant

Justin Clapdorp - Corey's Restaurant

Mike Mesquita - Corey's Restaurant

Scott MacIntyre - Corey's Restaurant

Jake Enns - Hit N Run

Diedrich Klassen - Hit N Run

David Enns - Hit N Run

Jesse Temple - Destroyers

Kevin Alward - Destroyers

Paul Lavier - Destroyers

Jay Verhegghe - John Beere

Jesse Anderson - John Beere

James Elliott - John Beere



Dream Weavers

Coaches - Dave Weaver, Nick Barnim

Kasey McKenzie - Corey's-Maple View

Lauren Duffy - Corey's-Maple View

Janet Culliton - Corey's-Maple View

Katie Dedrick - Hollister Kia

Becky Dancy - ServiceMaster

Mary Froese - Jays

Deanna Littler - EMI Steelerz

Tracey Coderre - EMI Steelerz

Nancy Teixeira - Energy Productions

Steph McDonald - Cleats

Krystal Sivyer - Dean Masson Construction

K's Kool Kats

Coaches - Kelly Spencer, Kathy Vanderven

Nancy Hiebert - Eichenberg's

Tamarah Schultz - Eichenberg's

Kim Harrop - Eichenberg's

Jen Cadman - Hollister Kia

Kerry Jensen - ServiceMaster

Amy Beattie - Jays

Alana Haskett - EMI Steelerz

Brianne Johnston - Energy Productions

Amber Granger - Dean Masson Construction

Corrie Smith - Cleats

Men's A

Survivors and Haines Roofing hooked up Tuesday night in the battle of the top two. Each team plated two in the seventh to finish the game in a tie. Survivors beat IC Waters Friday night while Haines defeated Roosters. Robert Q Travel won over Boston Pizza to create a log jam for third in the division.

Haines Roofing 11, Survivors 11

Haines: Brett Ferguson (3-4), Steve Byron (3-4), Dave Phillips HR

Survivors: Johnny Klassen (3-3), Abe Boldt (3-4), Dave Boldt HR

Dave Boldt hit a two-run homer for Survivors in the top of seventh. Haines tied it in the bottom half off a Scott Harris double.

Robert Q Travel 17, Boston Pizza 8

Robert Q: Bill Bertin (3-4) HR, Jeff Pace (3-4), Josh Stubbs HR, Mike Wencel 2 HR, Bryan DeBlaire HR

Boston Pizza: John Epp (3-4), Ian Baker (3-4), Randy Miller 3 HR

Mike Wencel led the winners with a pair of two-run homers.

Survivors 20, Roosters 9

Survivors: Peter Klassen (5-5) 3 HR, Benny Klassen (3-3), Martin Klassen HR

Roosters: Derek Kunderman (2-2), Bryan Hamulecki (4-4), Mark Hamulecki HR

Too much Pete for the Roosters as Peter Klassen hammered out three homers and drove in seven for Survivors.


Men's B

Only four points separate first from fifth place with Bill's Pizza Kekambas leading the pack just one point up on Domino's Hounds. They had an easy win over Sandham Transport.

Domino's and Ontario Laser Spartans cooled off a surging Cain's Pelicans squad. Kirwin and Oatman also beat Sandham, but were beaten by GC Lounsbury the next night. Tirecraft edged out GC to round out the week's action.

Bill's Pizza 17, Sandham Transport 7

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Steve Demeter (3-4), Andrew McQueen (4-4), Derek Buchner HR, Travis Horvath HR

Sandham: John Nichols (2-3), Marc Poirier (3-3)

Bill's moved out to a quick 15-run lead after just four innings.

GC Lounsbury 19, Kirwin And Oatman 16

GC Lounsbury: Travis Nikin (4-4) HR, Chris MacDonald (3-3), Kevin Stuyt HR, Trevor Stuyt HR

Kirwin: Cheyne Sarafinchin (4-4) 3 HR, Thom Puhr (4-4) 2 HR

GC stole this one away after a nine-run seventh. Trevor Stuyt had a two-run homer in the rally.

Tirecraft 11, GC Lounsbury 10

Tirecraft: Dallas Dalby (4-4) HR, Steve Derks (3-4) HR

GC Lounsbury: Greg Onaitis (3-4), Devin Lee (4-4)

Tirecraft rallied for seven in their last at-bat to edge out GC. Steve Derks scored the game's winning run.

Domino's Hounds 19, Cain's Pelicans 17

Domino's: Joe Kingsbury (4-4), Barry Howick (5-5) 2 HR

Cain's: Nick Lonsbary (4-5) HR, Benson Howey (2-2) 2 HR, Adam Jensen HR

Barry Howick's two-run, seventh-inning homer provided the margin of difference for Domino's.

Ontario Laser Spartans 18, Cain's Pelicans 12

Ontario Laser: Martin Klassen (4-4) HR, Jacob Enns (3-4), Abe Krahn HR, Peter Froese - Grand Slam

Cain's: Derek Craggs (2-3), Nick Lonsbary (3-3) HR

Martin Klassen and Peter Froese each homered and scored three runs for Spartans.


Men's C

Corey's Restaurant took advantage of an idle Ward's Automotive squad winning twice to take over the division lead. Delhi Dodgers beat a nine-man Destroyers team Thursday but couldn't make up any more ground on the top two as Norox beat them Friday night. Destroyers won by forfeit over Flying Squirrels.

Corey's Restaurant 34, Flying Squirrels 21

Corey's - Derek Elliott (6-6), Wes Haegens (5-6), Mike Mesquita HR, Don Schinkel HR

Flying Squirrels: Cornell Bailey (5-6), Rob Underhill (4-5)

Corey's scored at least four runs in every inning. Derek Elliott scored six runs for the winners.

Delhi Dodgers 12, Destroyers 4

Delhi: Jordan Pope (3-4), Josh O'Neill (3-3), Garrett Roelens HR

Destroyers: Troy Temple (3-3), Ross Russell (2-4)

Nate Moyaert had a pair of extra base hits for the Dodgers.

Norox Basement 12, Delhi Dodgers 8

Norox Basement Applications: Derrick Harnish (3-3), Brad Wencel (3-3) 2 HR, Tim Miners 2 HR

Delhi: Scott Stefan (4-4) 3 HR, Bill Chesney (2-4), Garrett Roelens HR

Brad Wencel doubled and homered twice for Norox.

Corey's Restaurant 28, John Beere 16

Corey's: Wes Haegens (2-2), Mike Mesquita (4-4) HR, Scott MacIntyre 2 HR, Chad Hill 2 HR, James Greenhill HR

John Beere: Jesse Anderson (3-4) HR, Darryl Neville (3-3), James Elliott HR, Mark Carrel HR

Chad Hill homered in consecutive at-bats for Corey's.



ServiceMaster registered victories over Hollister Kia and Dean Masson Construction to move four points up on fourth place Kia.

Energy Productions easily beat Dean Masson after being mercied by first-place Corey's-Maple View. Corey's-Maple View and Eichenberg's each mercied Cleats. Eichenberg's other win was a six-run decision over Orange Crush. Jays and EMI Steelerz each had 9-8 wins over Orange and Ritchie's respectively.

EMI Steelerz 9, Ritchie's 8

EMI: Jordan Coderre (4-4), Rhonda Mayo (4-5)

Ritchie's: Chani Homewood (3-3), Chelsey Vandeeckenhaut (3-3)

Jordan Coderre's run-scoring triple in the seventh won it for EMI.

ServiceMaster 17, Hollister Kia 12

ServiceMaster: Becky Dancy (3-4), Morgan Balazs (3-3)

Hollister Kia: Trish DeLoose (3-4), Jess Salverda (3-4)

It took awhile for ServiceMaster to get their offence going, they then scored five in the fifth and seven more in the sixth.

Eichenberg's 25, Cleats 0

Eichenberg's: Amanda Stubbs (5-5), Kelly Spencer (5-5)

Cleats: Corrie Smith (2-2), Brittany Wolf (2-2)

Tena Bueckert led the Dodge Girls with a pair of triples.

Corey's-Maple View 21, Cleats 3

Corey's-Maple View: Lauren Duffy (4-4), Kirby Steinhoff (4-5)

Cleats: Corrie Smith (2-3), Chris Propper (2-2)

Corrie Smith made some big catches in the Cleats outfield.

ServiceMaster 20, Dean Masson 8

ServiceMaster: Jess Brown (4-5), Jodi Hodges (4-5) Grand Slam

Dean Masson Construction: Lisa Gibson (2-3), Megan Bye (2-3)

Jodi Hodges had a grand slam and scored three runs for ServiceMaster.

Jays 9, Orange Crush 8

Jays: Nicki Shewan (3-3), Ang Moore (2-3)

Orange: Candi Obar (3-4), Tammie Lisabeth (3-3)

Nicki Shewan's bases-clearing triple won it for Jays.

Energy Productions 15, Dean Masson 3

Energy: Jen Dahl (4-4), Bri Johnston (4-4)

Dean Masson Construction: Steph Miller (3-3), Krystal Sivyer (3-3)

Bri Johnston had a triple and scored four runs for Energy.

Eichenberg's 12, Orange Crush 6

Eichenberg's: Tamarah Schultz (4-4), Jessica Anseeuw (3-4), Tena Bueckert HR

Orange: Stacey Lauwerier (2-3), Bobbi Anderson (2-3)

Tamarah Schultz had a triple, a double and scored three runs for the winners.

Corey's Maple View 17, Energy Productions 0

Corey's-Maple View: Tracey Pressey (4-4), Lauren Duffy (4-4), Janet Culliton HR

Energy: Shanna Wellink (2-3), Jen Dahl (1-2)

Janet Culliton had a three-run homer for the winners.



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