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We have had a smorgasbord of weather recently.

Last Saturday, for the yard sales and car show here in Otterville it was sweater and coat weather. It threatened rain all day but nary a drop was seen. For that we are eternally grateful.

It was a good yardsaling day at my house. Only two small boxes went on the Salvation Army and only a few things went out to the road awaiting large garbage pick-up but they were gone by morning.

Then on Sunday the clouds opened up on the way to church. Thank goodness I closed the windows at home before I left. On the way home it rained so hard the wipers couldn’t keep up. Torrential rains pounded us for what seemed like hours during the day. It was a good stay-inside-kind-of-day so I snuggled in to watch the Indy car race in Toronto and the NASCAR race in Michigan. They had to take a few rain delays during the day, too.

On Monday it was so hot and humid you could hardly breathe when outside. That is the clue to begin planning your vacation. Summer may have arrived but you never know these days. We can jump from one weather experience to another, to another, in the span of three days. But planning a holiday always makes any weather seem much more pleasant.

When I head North I want nice weather, doesn’t have to be sunny, just so long as it isn’t raining for the drive up. Once there, I don’t really care what the weather is like. The cottage sits on a lake so if the sun is shining we swim, sunbathe, go canoeing or paddle boating or just sit in the shade and enjoy life. If it’s raining we stay inside, read, play games or sleep. From time to time we go into town and hit the shops, do a bit of antiquing, have lunch, pick up a few supplies or just go for a cool drink. The folks at the Legion know us by name. Whatever we do and wherever we do it, lots of talking and laughing are included. Limited phone usage and no TV make it ideal.

It is one of those unstructured vacations. Nothing is pre-planned. It is very relaxing and peaceful. We take up whatever food we have in the fridge and freezer at home and just make do. There are no scheduled meals planned; we pretty much eat when hungry. We might do some barbecuing, oven roasting or pan frying if the notion strikes. If we are ambitious bacon and eggs are prepared for breakfast or lunch depending on how late we have slept in.

I sleep better there than anywhere. My bedroom windows face the lake and I love the cooling breezes, the sound of waves slapping the shoreline and the loons.

I wish I was leaving tomorrow.



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