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Happy Mother’s Day. Do you have your reservations made or menu planned? Please don’t let your mother or any of the mothers have to cook supper for all of you. Come on now, do the cooking, order in or take her out to her favourite restaurant.

Do you have flowers ordered or picked up at the grocery store? I know in some circles grocery store flowers are frowned on, but I think they are great. What makes them bad is if you pick them up five minutes before because you forgot the special occasion. That’s just wrong. But if you planned ahead they are just as beautiful, last a long time and are much more reasonable, so go for it. Remember, just because you spend more doesn’t mean you love more!

How about a piece of jewelry, the patio furniture she loves, an appointment for a spa day or a pedicure and foot massage? Forget breakfast in bed, too messy and uncomfortable. Just let her sleep in as long as she wants. A drive to the lake and a picnic or a visit to an art gallery or museum with lunch out can be very special. Or how about a surprise (pre-arranged, of course) visit with an old friend or school chum?

There are lots of things you can do for your mother that don’t have to cost a fortune. As I said before, cost does not denote affection. Moms just want to know you care enough to do something special just for her.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes with many varied connections. They can be the one who birthed you or the one who chose you. They could be the one who took care of you or cared enough to take you in. They can be a step or a foster. The main ingredient in being a mother is loving you like no one else ever can. They may not do it right all the time or the way you want them to, but they always love you no matter what – even when they don’t want to.

Mothers are one of a kind. I know there are people out there who will say thank goodness because you can only survive one in a lifetime. Even if we were or are estranged from our mother, didn’t or don’t get along with her for whatever reason, are disconnected or distanced from her by choice or not, that bond, that special link between mother and child, can never be broken. It can be suppressed, ignored, discounted, stifled, but it can never be severed.

Many of us have fond memories or close relationships with our mothers. Thinking of them makes us feel secure, warmed, comforted. We cherish the time spent and memories made with our mothers and the love we share. To those I say, congratulations and treasure each moment.

Whatever category you fall in, whatever your personal circumstance, open up your heart and recognize your mother is the most precious relationship you will ever have. Even if you acknowledge it just to yourself it will soothe your soul, comfort your heart and allow peace to enter.


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