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As I write this we have had foggy, damp, rainy, yukky miserable weather for a couple days now.

How can you get into, or keep the Christmas spirit, when you are doing your shopping and running in that! OK, we might not need snow, although I think there should be at least a light dusting of the stuff, we surely don’t need this crummy mess. It’s hard to feel good, be joyful, get excited. And it sure doesn’t help lift your mood if you are fighting off some bug or other.

I have snuffled through Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Coughed all over Frosty the Snowman and Frosty 2. I had several bouts of uncontrollable sneezing while the Grinch Stole Christmas and spent much of Home Alone home alone in the bathroom. I fell into a drug induced sleep during Miracle on 34th Street and understood completely the misery of all the Misfits.

I sobbed and snorked through several syrupy and sappy Christmas movies. They are all the same but when you hurt all over, have a fever and can’t breathe they are much more effective. Actually, I think I only sobbed because my eyeballs hurt so much. And how many variations of A Christmas Carol can one person watch without going stir crazy.

Got out a few times when I thought I was feeling better only to be hit with a renewed version the following day. I finally stopped taking the over the counter drugs I had been eating for fear of becoming addicted or doing some permanent damage to myself. What I need is sunshine to boost my immune system, freezing temperatures to kill the bugs, friends to bring me soup and everyone to feel sorry for me. Maybe a nice hot toddy would help now that I am clean.

Regardless of what you feel like or what the weather does the days pass and soon the Oh, Holy Night will be upon us. It is a glorious time of love, friendship and forgiveness. Our hearts are full; we smile more; our greetings are more genuine. Our family and friends become more special to us. We send cards, fewer maybe, but we still let folks know they are being thought of.

Christmas brings out the best in most of us. We open our hearts to help others in a variety of ways. The churches and charity organizations are busy collecting and distributing gifts and food for those less fortunate. We place items below giving trees in the malls. We donate mitts, scarves and hats to sharing boxes.

At this special time of year my wish for all of you is peace, joy, laughter and love. I hope your family festivities are caring, welcoming, inclusive and thoughtful. May the holidays be worry free, heart-warming, compassionate and understanding.

If I could wrap it all up and give it all to you I would in a heartbeat but I am afraid you have to do your part to make it so. All I can do is wish it hopefully, helping some to realize the contentment and delight in sharing who you are, not what you have, with those you love.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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