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Chris (Chrissy) Rosehart's core values have not changed over the years.

In declaring her intention to run for councillor on Tillsonburg Town Council in the October 27 municipal election, Rosehart said she believes her responsibility lies primarily with the people who are 'paying the bills' – the people of Tillsonburg.

"It's the people's money, not my money," she said. "It's the taxpayers we have to be responsible to.

"We can only control what comes in front of us. I can make any kind of promise I want, but we don't control everything. We have to live by the rules and what the government decides to do.

"But the people are the controllers – I work for the people. I'm not there for myself, I'm there for all the people. We can't please everybody, but we can usually mould it to make it work."

Rosehart has years of experience on Town Council, serving on various boards and committees including the library and culture boards, and says strong leadership is needed moving forward.

She urges the community to vote in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

"Everybody's vote makes a difference, everybody needs to vote. Everybody has a say."

Rosehart has operated a business in town and owned many properties over the past 30-plus years, raised her children, and continues to assist in raising her grandchildren.

"I am proud to call Tillsonburg my home."

She places the health and vibrancy of her community high on her priority list as a councillor.

"We need to see our town continue to grow in all areas," she said, balancing the emphasis on growth with fiscal responsibility enhanced by her extensive business background.

"I ask the questions, I want the answers, and I want to see the results at the end," she said.

"I don't want people to look at what I've done in the past six weeks, I want people to look at me over the last four years. Have I done my job for the people in the last four years? I feel that I've done my job."

While campaigning, Rosehart makes a point of meeting or talking to as many people as she can in person, and being visible at all times.

"If there are any questions, I would love to speak to everybody personally. Call me at Chrissy's Corner Store (519-842-2381), that's where I am. If you wish me to come and meet you, I'll sit and talk and answer any questions."


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