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Nora Peter - FROM THE HACK

Sixty years ago the Tillsonburg Curling Club began its first season of curling and it has been a fixture in the local community ever since.

As in 1954 the Tillsonburg Curling Club is open to and welcomes everyone in the district to enjoy curling, experience the fun and social aspects of the game. The club is totally run by volunteers with the only paid employees the ice technician, bartenders and cleaning staff.

Two years ago the club received a Trillium Grant which allowed the club to update and make the club more energy efficient. As a not-for-profit organization the club needs to continue fundraising and using their volunteers to keep the club running.

The club offers a unique winter athletic activity to area residents that can be enjoyed by everyone from age 7 to 107! During Intro Curling Week coming up October 5th through 11th the club will offer a free curling lesson and a mini game under the direction of experienced curlers and instructors. The club will provide the needed equipment and all you need to provide are clean shoes like gym shoes which will grip the ice and loose warm clothing.

Family day is October 5th from 1-3 p.m. Register your kids and get out on the ice with them and try the game. Junior Rockers (7-13 years) pay only $30 for the season and Student memberships (14-22) are only $120 (as long as you are in school) for a full membership.

During Intro Week the club is open 7-9 Monday through Friday with the ‘learn to curl’ and ‘mini game’ in place. There will also be people on hand to answer questions about the leagues offered, where to get equipment and the cost of and variety of memberships available.

There’s a great YouTube video that tells why Curling is a better choice for your children than hockey as a winter sport - see it at the REAL reason curling is better than hockey. It’s very interesting to listen to this story.

No matter what your reasons are for choosing curling you’ll find it an inexpensive sport, a fun, social game, and a game that goes by quickly because you are involved in some way with every shot for your team each end. So just get off the couch and try curling!! Get your friends and kids out to try it too!

I mentioned in the last column that our elite curlers were already very engaged in curling- The Shorty Jenkins Classic in Brockville was won by repeat winners with Brad Jacobs and Sherry Middaugh skipping their teams to the win. John Epping, with Travis Fanset at vice, advanced to the semifinals. This past weekend in Saskatoon, the Point Optical Classic had Mike McEwen defeating John Epping in the final. In Stockholm, where the Women were competing, Sigfrigson of Sweden was the winner over Rachel Homan in the final.

See you on the ice! Curling rocks!



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