2014 OSC Airshow exceeds expectations

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When 28-year-old Michael Trygvasson performs in his Giles 202 unlimited-level aerobatic airplane, he pulls 6 Gs (g-force) and goes well into the negative range, too, at -4 Gs.

Without getting into detailed physics, g-force causes stresses and strain. Imagine an accelerating dragster. Or a roller coaster plummeting down, then cresting a sharp hill. Or a stunt plane that loops, accelerates, rolls and climbs and dives.

"By far, the negative G's are definitely harder," said Trygvasson. "It causes blood to rush to the head."

Positive Gs work the opposite pushing blood to the feet.

But Trygvasson, who flew his Giles 202 at Saturday's 2014 Ontario South Coast Airshow at the Tillsonburg Regional Airport, shrugged off both soon after his performance.

"I feel fine," he grinned.

The key to avoiding the ill-effects, he said, is good exercise.

"Staying in shape is very important," he nodded. "And it takes a lot of practice, a lot of conditioning for the Gs."

Highlights this year for Trygvasson have been flying at the Waterloo Airshow, and qualifying for the US National Aerobatic Championships in Texas, Sept. 20-27.

"I'm in the advanced category," said Trygvasson, who will be competing at his first US nationals.

Saturday's airshow, which also featured flights from the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, Red Bull circuit racer Pete McLeod, The 'Jelly Bean' Kent Pietsch, with his daredevil comedic stunts, Gord Price, Bill Shepard in a P51 Redtail Mustang, and jet pilots Danny Richer (BAC Strikemaster) and Martin Mattes (L-29 Delphin), who flew solo aerobatics and in formation.

OSC Airshow chair Andre Brisson said the weather, cloudy enough to be considered less than perfect, was good enough for a great show.

"No rain," Brisson smiled, looking up at a grey sky after Saturday's three-hour show. "And just enough altitude for a great show."

The weather wasn't all that had Brisson smiling – the crowd, which rivaled the OSC show in June for the Snowbirds, was maybe even more than they expected.

"Very pleased," he nodded.

He attributed it to the all-star lineup.

"One of the best lineups you could ever hope for... and all but one are from Southwestern Ontario."

It took a lot of work by the OSC Airshow committee and volunteers, he said.

"A lot of planning, a lot of hours. A lot of sacrifices. But the end result was fantastic."

Planning will begin soon for the next airshow, which Brisson said he is already looking forward to.

"It's always been our plan to have an airshow every two years. So... 2016."



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