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Did you get out to a candidates debate in your area?

I had planned to get to the one in Norwich but something better came up. I know that’s not a very good excuse, but I figured listening to them would only confuse me further. Maybe I will get to the one in Tillsonburg (Friday morning).

Only had one candidate come to my door. He asked for my support and we had a bit of a conversation. I asked about hydro costs and was told his party would try to get them lowered. The operative word being try. I asked about the surplus we give away or sell and he agreed that was crazy and was looking at what could be done to stop that. I really didn’t want to get into a debate with him because I knew I could never be as good at the sound bite as he was.

When I asked if he would be at the all candidates evening, he said he would. I said I would listen to what each candidate had to say. He told me I couldn’t believe what the other candidates said because they don’t tell the truth. I would have questioned him further on that statement but I was laughing way too hard.

You don’t need me to talk politics or elections or candidates because you are all likely in the same position I am, confused, angry, disillusioned, disbelieving, worried and a whole lot more intolerable emotions. And besides Ross Andrews can speak to it so much better than I can, so re-read his Wednesday (June 4) column. In fact, read it a couple times.

So I will tackle a very important issue I am sure Ross will not write about – fashion.

Now, I know all of you have had occasion to purchase a sheer blouse or dress, right? Not being Rihanna or Miley we usually wear something more than a bra under it. If you choose to go only with a cleavage baring bra, more power to you, but most of us are not quite that brave. We might cover up with a cute, lacey camisole, a T-shirt of sorts, a sparkly shell or slip. What you need to remember is to cut off all tags be they on the collar or on a side seam. If you are going to wear something to attract attention you don’t want folks to be distracted by a white tag showing through. In fact, cut tags out of all your clothes so you don’t have them sticking out the back of your neck.

Another issue is the hangers. You know, those ribbon or rubber strips on the inside of shoulders. A lot of people think they are supposed to be used to hang the garment and they are – for the store. They are on there to keep the clothing displayed in the store hanging straight even when we are ruffling through them, shoving things aside, pulling things off and putting them back on the rack. They want to sell clothes so they want them to hang nicely all the time.

When you get your new item home the first thing you should do is cut off the hangers. You don’t have as much action in your closet, so cut them off. It is very off-putting to see a lovely outfit with these things hanging out the back, sticking out the front or peeking from under a sleeve. It’s not a good look. Get felt hangers to be used with slippery clothes.

Now that you have your clothes all tagless, make sure you get out and vote looking well put together. None of us really knows who to trust, but don’t give up the privilege of having a say by not voting.



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