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George Papadakos - Tales in Triathlon

I have been getting a lot of great feedback from my readers… all three of them.

The one big question that they ask is what equipment do you need to get started. Now I could answer this several ways, but I decided to give you the basic introductory needs, and then where to go from there when you decide that you love this sport.

To be honest triathlon doesn't have to be expensive, just don't tell my wifey that. But there are some equipment requirements that you need to have before you can find success in any race. I decided to break down the equipment needs by discipline.


Goggles, make sure they fit well around the eye socket and have good suction before you put the strap around your head. You will also need some type of swim suit or speedo (and no not the ones you see in Europe on men that shouldn't be wearing them), or a race kit. There are many to choose from, and are available for men and women. Race suits normally have a chamois built into the crotch area to offer a little relief from sitting on a bike seat for long periods of time as well.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Any bike will do for a triathlon, as I have seen bikes with a baby-carrier on the back, Sunday cruisers and mountain bikes. There are obvious advantages to having a road bike or TT bike (triathlon specific bike), but as long as you can get from point A to point B you're rockin.

Whatever bike you use make sure that you are comfortable, it fits you, and that you have it checked over by a bike mechanic before you race. The last thing you want is your bike breaking down and having to hoof it back to transition.

When racing and training you should always wear a helmet because even the slightest of falls could potentially harm you. All races that I know will not allow you to race without one. Make sure that you don't go cheap or used here. Go to your local bike shop, and ask the salesperson to help you properly fit the helmet to your head.


Well… I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you probably need running shoes. Once again race organizers want you to have shoes for your safety, and it makes that run down the dirt path, forest trail or country road that much more enjoyable.

Again… and I can't stress this enough, get shoes that fit you and always ask the sales person to assist you in making a decision. A little trick I use when buying shoes is to buy them later on in the day as your feet will swell. If you go to a running shoe store (not sure if I'm allowed to name actual store or not) they will let you run around the block or store so that you can see if that shoe works for you.


I think I have the basics covered to get you across that finish line. But for those of you that need the next step I would also suggest sunglasses, a cap or visor, a waterproof watch, water bottle cage for your bike and some sort of running hydration system that you can fasten around your waist or carry in your hand. Some keys things to remember to bring to the race are sunscreen, change of clothes, and a great attitude.



Woodstock Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon

The most wonderful time of the year… for me anyways, is when the new triathlon season begins. The hard work over a very long winter is about to be put to the test. On Sunday, May 25, the triathlon season got under way in Woodstock at the Pittock Conservation Area. It was a beautiful day for racing as temperatures climbed into the 20s, and gave the racers a much needed break from the cold temps of last weekend.

Three Tillsonburg boys did us proud on Sunday as Cedric Tomico and Drew Quarrie both raced the sprint triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run), and duathlon specialist Scott Breen competed in the sprint duathlon (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run).

Cedric and Drew both started in the water for a 750 meter swim in the same wave. Cedric, racing in his first-ever triathlon quickly showed off his swim strength, and came out of the water in a time of 19:32. After a quick transition he was off to the 20 km bike course, which after talking to him said "it was my favourite part of the race". Drew Quarrie came out of the water two minutes later in a time of 21:29, then quickly got to work on the bike which is his forte.

Drew would clock a 38:05 for the 20 km bike and set him up for solid run of 32:51 for 5km, and a finish time of 1:37:49. Cedric had a great effort on the bike coming back into transition in a time of 44:26, setting him up for a great finish and one that he will remember forever. Cedric clocked a time of 1:42:12 in his first of many triathlons to come.

Scott Breen continued right were he left off last year, pulling in a top five overall and third in his age group. Scott got his day started off with a blazing fast 5km coming into T1 in a time of 19:36. On the bike he kept the gap close and finished the bike in 34:16, he then took off after the leaders.

Scott would finish the day with a 10 minute 2.5 km run and finish in a time of 1:05:11. I would like to thank the boys for allowing me to publish their race results and I look forward to watching you race all season long.

Until we meet at the start line, train smart and have fun.


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