Every girl needs sparkle in her life

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It wasn’t my first and it won’t be my last.

Have been out shopping a couple times before anyone realized it was time to get started with the Christmas list. It was a peaceful time, wandering along getting ideas, checking prices, appraising quality, confirming quantity, making decisions and putting down my cash. After searching through several stores it’s time for a nice, long lunch.

I thought I had my spending all done but am always up for an excuse to eat out, so Marlene and I headed out for another day of Christmas shopping this week. Who would have thought the malls and stores would be so busy this early in December on a Tuesday? It wasn’t elbowing crowds but the line ups were a bit lengthy. Shoppers didn’t yet have the Christmas spirit so there was a lot of sighs, rolling of eyes, audible complaining and leaning out of the queue to see who was holding things up. Cashiers were not in Christmas rush mode so they didn’t seem to care one bit if two or three lines wound to the back of the store before merging into one.

There were some interesting things I learned as I waited. Marshalls, Winners and Home Sense are all the same bunch. Who knew? Each store has slightly different stuff and they are separate buildings all in the same street mall so you go from one to the other picking up things in each but it all goes in the same pot. Brilliant.

Bed, Bath and Beyond was in the giving nature because they were honouring all coupons from any competitor. Now that’s Christmas spirit.

I can wander any of these stores for a long time just fascinated that someone ever thought to invent some of the items and amazed that anyone thinks I should have them. Who knew I needed a honey whisk thingy, an oyster shucking set or a melon baller? But then I have never found the need to have melon balls when little wedges or squares work just fine and all you need is a knife.

In one store they had for sale a Vegas Christmas trees which is made of really gaudy bright blue and red shiny foil with silver and gold, red and blue ornaments in the shape of bustiers and sexy boots, glittery lights, wine glasses and all things Vegas. Why anyone would want one is hard to understand but each to his own. It does prove that all that glitters is not pretty.

The colours this year seem to be bright turquoise, lime green, purple and anything shiny. Lots of gold, silver, mirrored and crystal items were displayed. Even clothes had metal threads and lots of shiny rhinestones, pailettes, sequins and glitter. I was never much for a lot of that kind of thing but, you know, I kind of like it, now. Every girl needs sparkle in her life.

All is bought, wrapped and the stockings are stuffed. We found a really good, new restaurant, had good conversation, some laughs, solved all the world’s problems and although I thought I was finished shopping, I did find a few more treasures Santa can leave under the tree for me.

Marlene does have more shopping to do so we are planning our next excursion. Who said Christmas shopping isn’t fun?



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