Langton Skating Club prepares for 2013 Gala

Langton Skating Club is prepraring for its 4th annual Gala Showcase on Friday, Dec. 6 at the Langton Arena. The club's junior and senior skaters will perform a freekskate solo, interpretive, skills or dance number. There will be two stroking demonstations, junior and senior. And the club's synchro team will perform.

Waterford Test Day

Abbygayle LeBouthillier: Junior Bronze

Abby Koot: Senior Bronze

Nicole Brooke: Silver Interpretive and Quickstep

Alex Casier: Gold Interpretive and Quickstep

Courtney Townsend: Quickstep

The Tri-County Skating Region hosted the 2013 John McKay Memorial Invitational in Tillsonburg on the weekend.

2013 John McKay Memorial Invitational

Nov. 23-24

Langton Skating Club results

Nicole Brooke: 7th StarSkate Junior Bronze Women, Flight 1; 4th Bronze Women Interpretive StarSkate

Courtney Townsend: 7th Silver Women Interpretive StarSkate, Flight 2; 5th Senior Bronze Women StarSkate, Flight 3

Sara Schram: 3rd Pre-Preliminary Women WO Restricted Free Skate

Abby LeBouthillier: 5th Pre-Preliminary Women WO Restricted Free Skate

Haley Burger: 5th Preliminary Women WO Restricted Free Skate

Jennifer VanDeWiele: 7th WO Preliminary A Limited

Danica VanHaverbeke: 5th WO Preliminary A Limited

Danielle Vanacker: 6th WO Preliminary A Limited

Paige Vandendriessche: 2nd Pre-Preliminary Women SkarSkate

Erin Staley: 5th Pre-Preliminary Women StarSkate

Abby Koot: 3rd Pre-Preliminary Women SkarSkate

Leicia Kelly: 7th Pre-Preliminary Women StarSkate

Amber Fasseel: 6th Pre-Preliminary Women StarSkate


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