What a prom!

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“Hey Amanda, guess what? Prom has come and gone,” said my boyfriend of nearly two years as we drove out of a friend’s place after spending the night.

It took a while to sink in that what we had just experienced the evening before was, in fact, prom. The highly anticipated party was an exciting blur of hair appointments, cool cars, tons of pictures, food, laughs, and dancing.

The question I am most frequently asked is “Was it everything you expected?”

My answer is always the same.

“Yes, it was everything I expected, and more.”

It’s as true as it is cliché. As each friend walked into the house where we took pictures and had dinner, every girl in the room would stand up, tell them how amazing they looked, and give a big hug. I loved seeing all of my friends dressed up and looking fancy, especially the ones that I least expected to even go to prom at all.

I have approximately 300 pictures from prom, and each one holds a different moment, and it’s impossible for me to figure out which one is my favourite. Is it the one of my best friend and I? The group picture? The one with my boyfriend and I with the 1983 Mustang? They’re all unique in many different ways, and needless to say, the best of the best are currently my desktop background.

A beautiful dinner arrangement was set up by my best friends’ family at her house, and everyone who attended (all 27 of us) brought something to share in a potluck. We sat around the massive table, extending from the dining room to the living room, laughing with (and at) each other, while sipping our alcohol-free (thanks, Mom) champagne.

For five hours, a bunch of teenagers got to move their way out of high school and into a new world of maturity. When I look back on high school, my incredible night at prom will be the first thing that comes to mind.



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