Will you miss the penny?

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Will you miss the Canadian penny?




Susan Carrel, Brownsville

“No because they’re a headache – you get too many of them. They’re unnecessary.”


Kevin Listar, Tillsonburg

“I will not miss the penny. It’ll mean lighter pockets and easier to deal with change for food or something like getting coffee. Instead of it being something like $1.96, it’s just rounded out.”


Marg Godfrey, Tillsonburg

“No I certainly am not. I don’t think it’ll make any difference really. If I have a lot of pennies in my pocket, I try to get rid of them because they do weigh a lot. But apart from that, it doesn’t really make any difference to me.”


Roger Ferguson, Straffordville

“No I will not miss the penny. It’s just a lot more weight in my pocket.”


Joan Talbot, Tillsonburg

“No I won’t miss the penny because it weighs me down. Carry all those pennies and when somebody says it’s $9.48, I don’t take out 48 cents, I give them fifty cents, so I’m not going to miss it.”



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