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Delhi man creates artwork for comic strip

A local cartoonist is featured in a newly published book.

Ken Schotsch, 43, of Delhi sketches the comic strip known as “Dingers,” which can be found in the book “The New Classics – 21 Century Comic Strips” released by Ink Bottle Syndicate.

“It feels like you're more of a cartoonist, it's the next step up,” said Schotsch of being published in the book.

Schotsch provides the art for Dingers while Scottish author Alan Campbell does the writing.

The two found each other using a Kijiji ad and have been working together, albeit an ocean apart, for two years.

“He comes up with the ideas and then I'll draw it up,” said Schotsch.

Sometimes Campbell will explain his vision of the one-panel gag comic, while other times he allows Schotsch's imagination to take over.

“I don't see it in my head before, it just comes out (on paper),” he said.

A typical comic takes Schotsch about two hours to draw, ink and then colour. He does so wherever he has the time and inspiration. Sometimes he draws on his lunch hour at work, but often his work is done at the kitchen table.

“My four-year-old will be sitting down drawing beside me or playing,” he said.

Drawing comics is a hobby Schotsch picked up several years ago, although he has been drawing since he was a child.

“I think Dennis the Menace in Grade 4 was the very first time I tried to draw a cartoon,” he said.

He left the hobby behind until 10 years ago when he began drawing again.

“It's fun for me to do,” he said. “It's always been a dream to see it published.”

For now, it remains only a hobby for the carpenter by trade.

“The houses are usually covered with my cartoons on the walls,” he said, however he hopes that one day he might be able to make a living as an artist.

“You can't get rich from it,” he admits, but “it's neat. It's something no one else does and you don't know unless you try.”

The Dingers comic can be found at

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