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Ches Sulkowski - Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer

Week 9

Tuesday, Dec. 18

Computer Station 9, Poultry Specialties 7

Our opening game of the week turned out to be a huge win for the Computer squad keeping them in the hunt for an “A” division position. It wasn’t easy as Poultry led 3-2 at the half and Computer needed a big 2nd half performance from striker Justin Young to turn things around.

Justin led the way with six, followed by a double from Csanad Kocsis and single by Nick Simon. Poultry got hat tricks from Brad Smale and Marijn Noorland and a single by Andre Oliveira.

Tillson Pizza 14, Courtland PM 6

Our 2nd game was our tilted floor score of the week as Pizza rolled out the dough on Courtland. It was only 5-2 at the half before the flood gates opened wide with Pizza scoring another nine 2nd half markers.

Leading the onslaught were Scott Dunbar and Cole Vuylsteke with five apiece, followed by doubles from Rob Howey and Nathan Beard. Courtland got a hat trick from Aalt Pelleboer, two from Uwe Richter and a single by Dan Oliveira.

Wednesday, Dec. 19

Cocreo 7, Corey’s Restaurant 6

Our barnburner game of the week featured a Cocreo rebound as they had to battle back from a 5-4 1st half deficit. It was tough match all the way to the end as Corey’s gave them all they could handle.

Cocreo’s Matt Davis was the hero notching a late winner and led the way with five goals and followed by singles from Alexa Metselaar and Kelsey Hanson. Corey’s got doubles from Jason Martins and Mike Mesquita with singles by George Papadakos and Joe Lopes.

Signshop 10, DoneRight Landscaping 6

Another big match with surprising results with Signshop making the move into a 5th place tie with the Landscapers. It too was another amazing comeback as DoneRight had the early 4-3 lead at the break. Jason Beard’s Signshop turned up the burners with four 2nd half markers to lead the way with five, followed by a doubles from Jill Yarmie and Terry Pittao and a single by Jamie Lamont. DoneRight got a pair from Don Evanitski and singles by Joel Taylor, Pete Rochus, Max and Brandy Evanitski.

Thursday, Dec. 20

Verne’s Carpet One 12, Ontario Laser 5

Verne’s are on top once again with another feisty victory. They led only 4-2 at the half before they swarmed the Laser net in the 2nd.

Verne’s Ryan Fitch led the way again with five blasts, followed by three apiece from Hunter Stolk, two by Nolan Ambrus and singles from Thomas Cross and Mike Oliveira. Laser got two apiece from Cedric Tomico and Jerry Clergy with a Scott Swance single.

Danbrook Auto 9, Courtland PM 7

The Auto crew are in the hunt again for top honours with another solid performance. They only led by a slim 4-3 at the half before they got their engines in gear but Courtland nearly made the 2nd half comeback. Leading the Auto attack with hat tricks were Jen Pathy and goalie Tyler Danbrook, followed by a pair from Chad Lofthouse and single from Chris Toth. Courtland’s big gunners were Dan Oliveira and Aalt Pelleboer with four and three respectively.

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Tuesday, Jan. 8: 8 p.m. Danbrook vs Computer; 9 p.m. Auction vs Poultry

Wednesday, Jan. 9: 8 p.m. Tillson Pizza vs Cocreo; 9 p.m. Verne’s vs Courtland

Thursday, Jan. 10: 8 p.m. Laser vs Corey’s; 9 p.m. Danbrook vs Signshop


Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer League


Verne’s Carpet621775813


Pettman’s Auction620685512

Danbrook Auto.52279 7012

DoneRight Landscape531665811


Computer Station530555010


Tillson Pizza24151655

Ontario Laser26055744

Poultry Spec.26060724

Courtland PPM09044820


Men’sTop Scorers

1. Jason Beard38

2. Don Evanitski29

3. Ryan Fitch25

4. Marijn Noorland24

5.  Kris Foreman23

Justin Young23

7. Andy Metselaar21

Brad Smale21

9. Max Evanitski20

Matt Davis20

11. Ryan VanLeeuwen19

12.  Cole Vuylsteke18

13.  Chad Lofthouse17

14.  Mike Mesquita16

Aalt Pelleboer16

16. Tyler Danbrook15

Thomas Cross15

18. Gerrit Pelleboer13

Joe Lopes13

Hunter Stolk13

21. Mike Beal12

Nolan Ambrus12

Jason Martins12

Dan Oliveira12

Scott Dunbar12

Ladies Top Scorers

1. Jen Pathy24

2. Jill Yarmie11

3. Nicole Danbrook9

4. Brandy Evanitski5

Alexa Metselaar5

6. Jenn Whittington4

Kelsey Hanson4

8. Nancy Teixeira3

9. Alechia Jardine2

10.  Cayla Smith1

Laura Magashazi1

Top Goaltending Averages

1. Mike Mesquita, Corey’s5.4

2. Darryl Price, Cocreo6.1

3. Nick Matthews, Computer6.2

4. Neil Puente, DoneRight6.4

Matt Bamford, Verne’s6.4

6. Cody Kraushaar, Signshop6.6

7. Jared Pettman, Auction6.8

8.Tyler Danbrook, Danbrook7.7

9. Nick Byrnes, Poultry9.0

10. Scott Gooding, Courtland9.1

11. Erwin Loewen, Laser9.2

11. Nathan Beard, Pizza9.2


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